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About the Groove - Learn what is about and who is working behind the scenes.
Advertising - Information about how to advertise an event or post messages on this site.
Business Directory - Listing of roller skating Websites, skating rinks, pro shops, and links to businesses, mostly owned or operated by skaters.
Contact Us - Address and E-mail information to get in touch with the operators of the site.
E-Mail Club - Find out how to join the SkateGroove E-mail club to get special announcements and newz before it is posted to the site.
Groove Cliques - photos of skaters taken during special events in different cities.
Groove Newz - News and information about what is going on in the roller skating community. The Newz features articles about skaters, birthday and anniversary announcements, updates on skating events and more.
Mind, Body & Roll - SkateGroove's online magazine with articles featuring skaters and topics that skaters want to discuss.
Privacy Policy - Find out what SkateGroove does and does not do to protect your privacy on the Internet.
Represent Yourself - Communications/Message board for skaters to post messages and seek information from other skaters.
Rink Link - Directory of skating rinks across the globe, including address, phone number and session information.
Skate Clubs - Directory of skate clubs and organizations in different cites.
Skate Jamz - Chronological listing of local, regional and national skating events in different cities and Frequently Asked Questions. Also includes event details such as host hotel, rink info, directions and contact info.
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