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Newz Updated: Monday, December 4, 2023

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New Party Announcement

3rd Annual For the JB's
POSTED 12.4.23

RALEIGH, NC  –  On Saturday, September 21, enjoy a full evening of JB skate sounds at the 3rd Annual “For the JB’s” skate set.  The footwork starts at 11:00 PM with music by DJ MoneyMike.  Videographer Malike Thomas of JBSkate Chicago will be present to capture the best JB skate moves.  It all takes place at United Skates Raleigh.  Admission is $20 and no rental skates will be available.
For the JB's

A Real Old School Only All Request Set
POSTED 12.2.23

ATLANTA, GA  –  Are you ready to roll to your favorite jams all night long? On Thursday, December 21, come to Sparkles Smyrna and enjoy a Real Old School Only All Request Set!  That’s right, you say it, they play it starting at 9:30 PM.  This jam is for the 35 and older crowd.  Bring your own skates because no rentals will be available. This is a presale event and tickets can be purchased online through CashApp and Zelle. 
All Request Set

19th Annual Icy Hot Skate Jam

COLUMBUS, OH  –  Kick off Black History Month with a jam in the O-H.  Skateology of Columbus is hosting the 19th Annual Icy Hot Skate Jam.  Five DJs:  DJ Narsistic, DJ Keifer B, DJ Sneaks, DJ Hop and DJ Jigg will keep those turntables hot all weekend long.  Out-of-town guests that arrive on Thursday will be treated to half price admission for the Warm Up skate.  Friday, there will be a Meet and Greet at Easton followed by the Friday Night Bounce Mixer at the Rink. Saturday you definitely want to have your face in the place at the Blackout Dance party Meet and Greet at the Savoy.  Guests must be 21 or older to attend.  Then the grand finale kicks off Saturday night at 11:59 PM.  Remember to get there early, not only for a good parking spot but admission increases to $35 after 2:00 AM.  If you don’t know, now you know.
Icy Hot Skate jam

The Anniversary Skate Jam Weekend

LAS VEGAS, NV  –  Join Skate Rock City along with SkateLyfe TV and Push for The Anniversary Skate Jam Weekend, January 26-28 in Sin City.  Friday, roll with DJ Wildchild at the R&B Glow Party, Saturday it’s the 70’s vs. the 90’s with DJ Big Bert of LA.  Then on Sunday, it’s a wrap with DJ Lady P and DJ Slydez spinning at the 3 Year Anniversary skate party.  Guests must be 18 or older to attend.
The Anniverary Skate Jam Weekend

What's with BOB?

PHOENIX, AZ – SkateGroove is introducing something new, the BOB designation.  You may have noticed some of the rinks on the Rink Link pages and some businesses have the letters BOB next to their company name.  The BOB notates this is a Black Owned Business.  Please check your state’s page and if you see a rink that you can confirm is BOB, please send an email with that information to Desi at  In addition, if you know of any Hispanic (HOB) or Female Owned (FOB) that information is also being requested.

Thank you.


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Roll in Peace

NATIONWIDE – Hello SkateGroovers.  It is not widely known but since 2003, to preserve our history, SkateGroove has been keeping a database of beloved skaters who are no longer rolling with us.  There are many skaters not listed and I would like to ask for your assistance.  If have a loved one, family, friend or someone you rolled with that is not included on this list, please send an email with the skater’s first and last name, skate name/club/organization, date of passing (if known), city and state.  Here is a link to those names already collected.


December 21, Atlanta, GA

All Request Set

Weekly & Monthly Calendar

Queen Creek (Phoenix)

Roller Skate 48
1st Saturday Adult Skate

Roller Skate 48
2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturday Family Skate

Sparkles Adult Skate Sundays

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Nov 28 – Nino, Butterflys-N-Unity, DC/MD

Dec 1 – Rain, Butterflys-N-Unity, DC/MD
Dec 3 - Foxy D, Dyme Rollerz, Columbus, OH
Dec 7 – LaClaudia Dyson, Washington, D.C.
Dec 7 - Dee, "Fly Girl", Fam Affair, Florida
Dec 8 – Tracy “Lil Tracy” Wright, Jr. 2 Smoov Rollers, Little Rock, AR
Dec 10 - Kim Moore, Philly
Dec 10 – David Pippen, Alanta, GA
Dec 12 – Khalilah “KY” Yasmin, NE
Dec 13 - Preschuz, Washington, DC
Dec 14 – Nicole Rice, Toledo, OH
Dec 14 – Wontaz “White Boy” Wallace, KY
Dec 14 – Latasha Tolbert-White, KY
Dec 15 - Darren Skinner, NSC Freestyle Rollers, N.C.
Dec 16 – DJ Keifer Bass, Dayton, OH
Dec 18 – Ronald Jones, Kansas City, MO
Dec 22 – Keona Edwards, NJ Skate 22
Dec 24 – Stacy aka “Baby Stace”, Cincinnati, OH
Dec 24 - Tonio aka Show-Off, Las Vegas, NV
Dec 25 - Alisa "Bam Bam" Bailey, Milwaukee, WI
Dec 26 – Demetrius Anthony, Wilmington, DE
Dec 27 – Caring Stewart, Columbus, OH
Dec 28 – AK Role Model, Dayton, OH
Dec 30 – Darnell Bailey, NSC Freestyle Rollers, N.C.
Dec 30 - Rachael "SK8 Rebel", Cleveland, OH
Dec 31 - Michelle Porter, Chicago, IL

Jan 1 - Channa Goodlow, JBX, Chicago, IL
Jan 1 - Mary Chase, Master Rollers, VA
Jan 3 - Nichole Riley, Baad Girlz, Wilmington, DE
Jan 3 - Marc Gantt, Detroit, MI
Jan 4 - Audrey aka "Black Diamond", Philly, PA bwo NC
Jan 4 - Smooth aka Ed Mothershed, Chicago, IL
Jan 4 - Johnita “MzDyamond"
Jan 4 – Leon How, Orlando, FL
Jan 5 - Geanine Talley, Columbus, OH
Jan 6 - Kenny Ferguson, Flint, MI
Jan 6 - Jamelle Fair (Mil-town Rollers, Skaters R Us), Milwaukee, WI
Jan 6 - Cedrick "Dub Step", Fam Affair, Florida
Jan 7 - Michael Brown, Skate Executive Productions, Kansas City, MO
Jan 7 - Gail Green aka Gigi-- Sk8 22/BBrook--Newark, NJ (bwo) NC
Jan 8 - Richard 64sk8er Hunter, Texarkana
Jan 8 – DJ Leo the Lion, Hamilton, Ontario Canada
Jan 9 - Derek Lee, Columbus, OH
Jan 9 - Sky Mike Pope, Cleveland, OH
Jan 11 - Rob "Sho" Crosby, Richmond, VA
Jan 11 - Eric "DJ E Man" Christon, Chicago, IL
Jan 11 - JoVaughn C' Brown, Detroit, MI
Jan 12 - Josephine Bynum, Washington, D.C.
Jan 17 - Rob "Showtime" Hunter, Cincinnati, OH
Jan 19 - James "Dr. Soul" Cooper, Dogg Pound Skate Crew, Huntsville, AL
Jan 24 - Terry Connors, Nashville, TN
Jan 25 – Roberta Blondi Lee, Pittsburgh, PA
Jan 27 - Temica Gordon, Washington, DC
Jan 27 – L. David Stewart aka NIZM, Suicide Kings, Chicago, IL
Jan 28 - Brendella Reddock, Huntsville, AL
Jan 28 – Von, Chicago, IL
Jan 28 – Ami French, Toledo, OH
Jan 31 – La’Mone aka “Poetry n Motion”, Naptown Real Rollers, Indianapolis, IN

Do you know a skater who has a birthday, graduation or anniversary in December or January? Show your love by sending e-mail letting SkateGroove know the name, city, state, and birthday/anniversary and we will post it.

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