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Newz Updated: Friday, March 31, 2023

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Celebrating a Columbus Skate Legend Who Was Out of This World
POSTED 3.30.23

James T. Kirk, Columbus OH

COLUMBUS, OH - On March 28 at sunset, 5 planetary bodies aligned in a formation similar to what you would see at the rink in Columbus when Bouncers and Pearlers come together to roll in The Jungle.  As I watched the sky, I could only think that somehow, some way, Captain Kirk was up there being celebrated while rolling through the pearly gates.  On Sunday, March 20, the skate world lost a legend, Mr. James T. Kirk, better known to Ohio skaters as Captain Kirk.
Captain Kirk was a family man in more ways than one.  In his time, he managed to spread bountiful love amongst his blended family in addition to a myriad number of skaters who considered him to be an uncle.  His smile was captivating, his love was contagious, and his bounce skating was unparalleled.  He left his legacy with skaters who adopted the framework of his style through his teachings; skaters like Wes Jiggs from Crowd Cutta Productions (LA bwo Columbus) who makes his way throught many jungles with camera in hand, and Mike Morgan aka Mr. Wiggles (Atlanta bwo Columbus).  Mr. Wiggles started as a floor guard who was having trouble keeping up with the kids.  One day, Captain Kirk took him under his wing teaching him the fundamentals of bounce skating (and duct tape), creating the phenomenal skater that we know him to be. 

But most of all, Captain Kirk’s most notable skate prodigy is his son, Matt Kirk (Minneapolis bwo Columbus) who has a dual love for both music and skating.  Matt excelled at both DJing at the rink and bouncing through many Columbus Jungles.  Captain Kirk was also a member of the Easy Rollers Skate Club where he will be remembered as the choreographer of many step routines.

Captain Kirk will truly be missed by every heart that he touched. For me, I will miss his kind and gentle soul, the man who shared a birthday week with me and we celebrated on skates. It was a blessing just to have known him. 

To the Kirk family, please hold tight to this Star Trek quote . . . Death is that state in which one exists only in the memory of others... which is why it is not an end. ' No goodbyes.
Until we roll again my friend!  

Celebration of Life
OG Captain Kirk
James Tomas Kirk

Family and friends are invited to come out to remember and celebrate the life and roll of Captain James T. Kirk:

Sunday, April 2, 2023
7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
United Skates East Roller Rink
3362 Refugee Rd
Columbus, OH  43232

The family asks that In lieu of flowers, consider donating funds for expenses.

New Party Announcement

Wisconsin's 2nd Annual Juneteenth Roll
POSTED 3.22.23

MILWAUKEE, WI - Celebrate the freedom of the red, the black and the green.  Roll at Wisconsin’s 2nd Annual Juneteenth Roll, June 16-18, 2023.  Friday at Butler Skate Land there will be a workshop at 11.  Saturday, Meet and Greet the family at Kanes Bar and Grill wearing all black.  Skating will take place at both Star Roller Rink and Butler Skate Land.  DJ’s Mz Tone, Money Mike and Doc B will provide your musical entertainment.  Purchase tickets in advance for the best deal.  Skaters must be 21 or older to attend. 
Wisconsin's 2nd Annual Juneteenth Roll

6th Annual State2State Sk8 Off
POSTED 3.15.23

CHINO, CA - Yorn2Tainment is hosting the 6th Annual State2State Ski Off the weekend of September 15, 2023.  The itinerary includes a Saturday morning workshop, a Karaoke Bruch Day Party and three nights of skating with a spectacular DJ hit list with DJ Wayne D, DJ Slydz, DJ Smuurdaa, DJ Aplus, DJ Compl3x and DJ Will Supreme providing your musical pleasure.  Guests must be 20 or older to attend. Vendors and Sponsorship welcome.  Book your hotel now at the Ayres Hotel Chino Hills. 
6th Annual State to State Skate Off

West Coast Back-to-Cali Skate Jam
POSTED 3.13.23

LOS ANGELES, CA -Big Bert is inviting you to come Back-to-Cali and jam three nights Memorial Day Weekend at Fountain Valley Skating Center.  Thursday is the Soul Roll starting at 8:30 PM.  Friday, come dressed in your black and white for the Friday night Black and White Party.  Saturday kicks off with the Family Picnic at the Baldwin Hills Recreation Center.  Then the main event starts later that night at 8:30 PM.  If that isn’t enough skating for you, stay in town for one more roll on Sunday night.  Discounted presale tickets are available for all events.
West Coast Back To Cali Skate Jam

Skate For Life - Two Weekends, Two Events
POSTED 3.12.23

DAYTON, OH  –  The Queen of 8’s in conjunction with The Trend$ettas, Orbit Fun Center and Skate For Life are hosting The Warm Up skate event on Saturday, April 22 at Orbit in Dayton. Music will be provided by DJ Jay Biz and DJ Sneaks starting at 10:30 PM until 2:30 AM.  Admission is $12 and skaters must be 18 to enter. 
Skate For Life The Warm Up

If you don’t get enough rolling there, then;

COLUMBUS, OH – Head East on I-70 and join Skate For Life on April 29 at the Day Party hosted by True North Skaters and Hoodsk8rs with DJ Buttah and DJ Jabo providing the vibes. Guests must be 21 or older for this event.  Then Saturday night, roll into Sunday morning at USA East for the Skate For Life lupus Awareness and Giving skate event starting at 11:00 PM.  Music will be by DJ Technical and DJ Jigg.  Come on out and roll for a good cause.
Skate For Life The Warm Up

JBX Reunion
POSTED 3.12.23

CHICAGO, IL -It’s a JBX celebration in the Chi, April 21-23, 2023.  Friday kicks off with “The Brand New Middle School with DJ Suave, DJ Money Mike, and DJ CJ.  Saturday, meet and greet at Hero’s Bar and Grill with vibes by TJIB, DJ T-Rell, and DJ Rambo. The main event kicks off at 9:00 PM at Glenwood Roller Rink with DJ DMC, DJ Rambo and DJ T-Rell.  Sunday is for the Old School Only skaters from 7:00 PM until 11:00 PM with DJ Bam and DJ Spank.  Book your hotel room now at the Hyatt Place Midway before March 22 to get the JBX Reunion rate.
Before the reunion, join JBX in Orlando, FL at the Skate World Series JBX workshop, Friday, April 14.  See ad for details.
JBX Reunion Skate Party

Red Alert Skate Party
POSTED 3.11.23

RALEIGH, NC - The 9th Annual Red Alert Skate Party is taking place Saturday, May 20, 2023 from 11:30 PM to 4:30 AM at United Skates Raleigh.  Music will be provided by DJ Young Soul, DJ Jammin and DJ Swizzy. Admission is $20 at the door.
Red Alert Skate Party

For the JB's
POSTED 3.10.23

FAYETTEVILLE, NC -This one is For the JB’s and everyone else who wants to Get Down! On Saturday, October 7, Fufy presents the 2nd Annual “For the JB’s” Skate Party at the Round-A-Bout Skate Center in Fayetteville, home of the JB Villains.  The party starts at 11:00 PM with music played by DJ Money Mike.  Admission is $20 and skaters must be 18 or older to attend.
For the JB's


Apr 1, Buffalo, NY
We Ain't Foolin
Peace Love and Soul Roll

Apr 8, Atlanta, GA
JBSession Skate Along

Apr 21-22, Chicago, IL
2nd Annual JBX Reunion

Apr 22, Dayton, OH
Skate For Life Warm Up

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716 Rollers Annual Skate Party

BUFFALO, NY -The 716 Rollers are bringing that 70’s and 80’s vibe to the party, Saturday, April 1, 2023 and They Ain't Foolin.  Roll with them from 10:30 PM until 2:30 AM at the Rainbow Rink in N. Tonowanda.  The theme is Soul Train Attire so dress the part and take a roll down that line.  Admission is $15 in advance, $20 at the door.  Skaters must be 25 or older to attend.

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Apr 1 – Xavier “Lil Xa” Berry, Jr., 2 Smoov Rollers, Arkansas
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Apr 4 - Metromike, Master Rollers Sk8 Club, Washington, D.C.
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Apr 6 - Trina Edmondson, Columbus, OH
Apr 8 - KatchmeifuKan~~KK, Kansas City
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Apr 9 - Darryl "Crazyleggs" Byrd, Columbus Finest, Columbus, OH
Apr 10 - Daryl "DemoD", Columbus, OH
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Apr 10 – Gerald Givens, Dallas, TX
Apr 11 – Travis Givens – Memphis, TN
Apr 12 – Darlene Washington, Pittsburgh Steel City Rollers, Pittsburgh, PA
Apr 12 – Davinea Johnson, Milwaukee, WI
Apr 13 - Andre Dean aka Dre, DC/MD
Apr 14 - Wesley "Wes Jiggs" Jones, Jr., President, Crowd Cutta Productions, Columbus, OH
Apr 15 - Easter aka "Spicy-E", Columbus, Finest, Columbus, OH
Apr 15 - Ms. Lisa, Ohio Skaters, Akron, OH
Apr 15 - Felicia “Bambi” Fluitt, Brooklyn, New York
Apr 15 – Amy Givens, Houston, TX
Apr 16 – Marcia Bowie, West Coast Skater, Los Angeles, CA
Apr 17 - Loretta Cobb, VA Skate Connection, Hampton, VA
Apr 17 – Toni “Tot”, Kansas City. MO
Apr 18 - Tony "Big Body" Watson, Columbus, OH
Apr 18 - Nina Watson, Columbus, OH
Apr 18 – Rose Bean, Dynasty Rollers, Baltimore, MD
Apr 19 – Patrice aka “Sparkle”, Louisville, KY
Apr 20 - Dee, Rolling Wheels of Memphis, Nashville, TN
Apr 20 – DJ Storman Norman, DC/MD/VA
Apr 20 - Rhonda aka "Skater Gurl", Seattle, WA
Apr 22 - Tiffany, Branch Brook Park, NY-NJ
Apr 22 – Edna Davoll, aka “Ms. Edna”, Bronx, NY
Apr 23 - Mr. Neal "Freaky Deaky" Artis, Skate Freaks, NC
Apr 23 - Baby DJ, Nashville Quad Dymes, Nashville, TN
Apr 24 - Phelicia Wright, Los Angeles, CA
Apr 25 - Wanda, Branch Brook Park, NY-NJ
Apr 25 - Daryl "D-Mac" McNeil of Mil-Town Rollers, Milwaukee, WI
Apr 25 – Alicia Reece, Cincinnati, OH
Apr 26 - Lauretta Lawrence, Branch Brook Park, NY-NJ
Apr 26 - Dre MJ Thomas, Branch Brook Park, NY-NJ
Apr 27 - Lance Hull, Baton Rouge, LA
Apr 28 - April “N2SK8N” Major, Skate King, St. Louis, MO
Apr 29 - Margaret "Killer", Branch Brook Park, NY-NJ
Apr 30 - Myles "Chilly-Mac" McPherson¸Ohio Legends, Huber Heights, OH

May 1 - Charlene (Winky) Demby, Unique Rollers, Delaware, Tri-State Area
May 1 - Darrell "Jokey" Martin, Vice President, Crowd Cutta Productions, Columbus, OH
May 2 – Andrea “Moneymaker”, Tampa, FL
May 3 - Edward "Speedy" James, Virginia Skater BWO Michigan
May 3 - JuJu, Secret Skate Society (owner), Memphis, TN  
May 4 - Lauren Fountain, Little Rock, AR
May 5 – Frankie Ware, (Hoover Skater), Dayton, OH
May 9 - Tammi "Dark Chocolate" Williams, Cincinnati, OH
May 10 - Sharnell "Ms. Charm, DMV
May 10 - Monique "Moe Betta" Moss, Skate Sistas, Lexington, SC
May 11 - Anthony "Tee" Baker, Rock Town, Hell on Wheels
May 13 – Tom White, Pittsburgh Steel City Rollers, Pittsburgh, PA
May 14 - Joanne Fountaine, Prescious Productions
May 16 - Dawn Hilton, Jus Sk8, New Jersey
May 17 – Kendra Davis, Flint, MI
May 17 – Shakiyla Smith, Decatur¸GA
May 17- DaLisa Ball, As The Wheels Turn Skate Club, Oakland, CA
May 17 - Jai Bounce, C-Land Freestylers, Cleveland, OH
May 17 – Hotshot, C-Land Freestylers, Cleveland, OH (Mig Skating Rink)
May 17 - Angel "Code Redd" Redd, Skate Sistas, Columbia SC
May 18 - Delores Donald, NSC Freestyle Rollers
May 19 - Michael Moss, Skateology, Columbus, OH
May 19 - Miss Cookie, DC/MDC
May 20 - Tanisha Davidson, Master Rollers, DC/MD
May 20 - Stich, Ruff Rollerz, DC/MD
May 21 - Jeanette J.L Littlejohn, Indianapolis, IN
May 21 – Milo,  NYC BX /Louisville, KY
May 21 - Cynthia "Storm" Shingler, Roll Call, Ontario CANADA
May 23 - Ebony Hood VA Skate Connection, Hampton, VA
May 23 - Brandi "Fancy" Christia, Richmond, VA
May 24 - Marcial Wiggins, aka Mouse, Diamond State Rollers, Wilmington, DE
May 28 - Shawn Lo-Key Lawhorn, Skateology, Columbus, OH
May 31 - Marsha Cepeda "Heaven on Wheels", North Jersey
May 31 - Khannie Butler, The Scenario, Philly, PA
May 31 - Chel SoChic Mason, Jacksonville, FL

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Roll in Peace

NATIONWIDE – Hello SkateGroovers.  It is not widely known but since 2003, to preserve our history, SkateGroove has been keeping a database of beloved skaters who are no longer rolling with us.  There are many skaters not listed and I would like to ask for your assistance.  If have a loved one, family, friend or someone you rolled with that is not included on this list, please send an email with the skater’s first and last name, skate name/club/organization, date of passing (if known), city and state.  Here is a link to those names already collected.

What's with BOB?

PHOENIX, AZ – SkateGroove is introducing something new, the BOB designation.  You may have noticed some of the rinks on the Rink Link pages and some businesses have the letters BOB next to their company name.  The BOB notates this is a Black Owned Business.  Please check your state’s page and if you see a rink that you can confirm is BOB, please send an email with that information to Desi at  In addition, if you know of any Hispanic (HOB) or Female Owned (FOB) that information is also being requested.

Thank you.


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