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What is is a Website designed for primarily adult roller skaters, ages 18-88, who enjoy style skating.

It was built with the skater's needs and interests in mind. The site contains skating related content which includes news, editorials, a communications/message board, photos of skaters, a calendar of events, directory of skating rinks, links to other sites and businesses and much more. SkateGroove serves as the media for roller skating entertainment, by promoting the event through online advertisements and posting photographs taken during an events. For skaters who want to continue that roller skating excitement, they can visit the Skate Jamz calendar to see where the next event is being held and make plans to attend.

Skaters have also used the message board to get information about skating sessions at rinks, where to buy skates, make business deals or simply introduce themselves and make new friends.

SkateGroove Entertainment has been credited for assisting with the casting of roller skaters as skate doubles and extras for the 2005 motion picture "Roll Bounce" starring Bow Wow, Meagan Good, Nick Cannon and Wesley Jonathan by Fox Searchlight Pictures/State Street Pictures.

In 2007, SkateGroove was once again asked by Chelsea Productions to not only help cast skaters for a McDonald's commercial, but to assist with the choreography, coordination on the set and still photography during the commecial shoot.

SkateGroove has also received credit for the 2018 HBO documentary film, United Skates, directed and produced by Dyana Winkler and Tina Brown; and Executive Producer John Legend. This documentary takes you on an emotional rollercoaster through the ups and downs of a world that most people do not realize exists. It is a depiction of the African American experience throughout the history of Amerian Rollerskating, exposing the struggle for the right to skate from the patron's perspective and the rink owner's fight to keep the doors open. No one is immune from the threat of potential extinction of this long-running American pastime.

About the Website

Launched in January 2000, the site was created and designed by Desi. Event advertisements are submitted by coordinators to be posted on the site. Photographs in Groove Cliques are taken by SkateGroove photographers unless othwise credited.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to provide an up-to-date online resource for news and information that skaters need. Our goal is to fuel the "Renaissance of Roller Skating" by continuing the tradition through future generations and stimulating an interest in people who used to skate, bringing them back to the rink.

Skating is a great way to keep in good cardiovascular health and relieve stress. We encourage everyone to hit their local rinks weekly . . if not for the mind . . . if not for the body . . then just for the roll.

SkateGroove Copyright

All content, graphics and photographs on are property of SkateGroove and reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. To obtain permission to use an image found on this site, please contact Desi [at] SkateGroove [dot] com for information on obtaining permission. is owned and operated by SkateGroove Entertainment

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