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 frequently receives names, phone numbers, addresses and E-mail addresses from visitors who submit them for either business transactions or represents. We generally keep this information on file should it be necessary that we contact that person in the future.

Any information we collect is for the sole use of It is not sold, distributed, or released to third parties. If a third party requests information, SkateGroove will contact the individual first, to request permission to release it.

Represent Yourself
Visitors who submit Represents are asked to give their name, city, state, favorite rink and E-mail address. It should be understood that when you submit this information, it is automatically released to the public when posted to the site. Other visitors who want to contact the submitter to answer questions or respond to statements, will need a valid E-mail address. To protect visitor's privacy, they have the option of giving fictitious information, thereby creating an anonymous entry, or not releasing an E-mail address at all.

Groove Cliques
Photos posted on Groove Cliques are taken at National Skate Parties or special events. Announcements will be made during the event to inform skaters that pictures are being taken and will be posted on this Website. If you do not want your picture posted on the site, please tell a representative from so that we may honor your request. Pictures are taken by Desi, Groove, Jeron or any designated SkateGroove volunteer photographer. Please visit "About the Groove" to see who we are.

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