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Q: Who hosts the skating events listed on the calendar?
A: Skating events listed on the calendar are hosted by individuals, skate clubs, DJs or anyone interested in putting forth the time and effort to coordinate the function.

Q: There are so many events listed. How do I determine which one(s) to attend?
A. The event you attend is your decision. You decide where your time and discretionary income will allow you to go.


Q: How do I determine the difference between a Local and National Event?
A: Some events are considered local while others are considered national and either type will be listed on the Skate Jamz calendar.

Local events are usually more heavily advertised in a local area within a certain radius of the host location. If you live far away but will be in the area at the time, or just feel like going to the event, then by all means you will be welcome to attend.
Local events are characterized by the day of the week. Most of them are usually held on a Sunday or a weekday, such as birthday parties or special events during normal skate sessions.

National events are advertised on a broad level. This means that the event coordinator who posted the advertisement on the Website, has also distributed flyers at other local and national events throughout the year. They will also indicate on their advertisement that they are expecting skaters from different cities or states to attend.

National events are held two or more nights on a weekend or holiday weekend and includes a host hotel block. This allows for travel time to and from the event. Events held on Sunday only are local events.

National events usually have a designated Host Hotel listed for out-of-town visitors.


Q: What is the difference between a "Main Event" party and other parties during a weekend?
A: The Main Event is generally the event where the bulk of the skate crowd is expected to attend. This event may include skate special skates such as Roll Call, Skate Competitions, Skate Exhibitions and Award Recognition among others. The event agenda depends on the host.


Q: What is the Host Hotel?
A: The Host Hotel is the establishment that has been designated as the central lodging for skaters attending an Event. It is where you will find the Host or Coordinator of each event to purchase tickets for the event and get all the information you need about places to go in the area and driving directions. Many skaters choose to stay at this hotel in order to network and socialize with one another in one central location.

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