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Frequently Asked Questions

Q] How long will my represent remain on the page?
A] Each time a represent is posted to the page, the represent submission at the very bottom of the page is removed. Your submission will remain until it reaches the bottom. The time varies with the number of submissions received.

Q] Will my represent be automatically posted to the site?
A] No. All represents are screened for content before posting. If there are any questions regarding your submission, you will be contacted. Your original submission is kept on file for one week. If you have not replied in that time, it will be deleted. Please allow 24-72 hours for your submission to be posted. Most of the time they will be posted within a 4-8 hour period depending on the skating activities going on at the time of your submission.

Q] Is there a limit to how much I can write?
A] Yes and No. Although we prefer you to be brief, we really want you to express your thoughts so if you can, try to keep it short and sweet (approx. 7-8 lines).

Q] I sent my represent but it has not been posted. What happened?
A] Your submission may have been sent to review for several reasons . . .

Did you include a link?
If you included a link to a Website or URL, your represent will go to the review process. Linked sites are checked for content and you may be asked for a reciprocal link to

Did you advertise or promote an event? charges a fee for advertising on the site. If you mentioned an event, Website, business etc. in your represent, it will be sent to review and you will be contacted. This is done to be fair to those who have paid for advertising. If you are not sure whether your comment would be classified as an ad, please ask or see our Advertising rates.

Did you use abusive language or discuss adult subject matter?
Although is primarily an adult site, we do have young visitors frequently. Please try to keep your comments as clean as possible.

Important Note: Any submissions containing constructive criticism couple with strong opinions or personal statements would probably be best received if sent directly to the person(s) addressed in the rep such as in the case of event feedback. Click here for a list of coordinators.

If you are looking for contact info that is no longer posted, please contact SkateGroove.

In any situation, we will try to contact you.

Q] Do I have to include my e-mail address?
A] No. But it is always best that you do. may want to contact you if we have a question about your submission and the only way we can is if you include your e-mail address in your submission. When the submission is transmitted, your e-mail address does not display. If you think we may want to contact you but you do not want your e-mail address displayed, include the words "do not post" before your e-mail address and we will respect your privacy. (EX: E-mail: DO NOT POST Desi [at] SkateGroove [dot] com). We make every attempt to protect the privacy of our visitors as much as possible. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

Q] I don't think my submission went through. What do I do if I experience a technical problem when I hit the submit button?
Copy and paste your submission into an e-mail and send to Desi [at] SkateGroove [dot] com. Make sure you include your Name, City & State, Favorite Rink and E-mail. (see preceding question about e-mail privacy).

Q] Does it matter if I type in all caps?
No, you may do so if you wish but we have received feedback from people saying that they prefer the normal typeface. Typing in all caps makes the reader feel that you are shouting at them and it makes your submission more difficult to read.


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