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Celebrating a Columbus Skate Legend Who Was Out of This World

James T. Kirk, Columbus OH

COLUMBUS, OH - On March 28 at sunset, 5 planetary bodies aligned in a formation similar to what you would see at the rink in Columbus when Bouncers and Pearlers come together to roll in The Jungle.  As I watched the sky, I could only think that somehow, some way, Captain Kirk was up there being celebrated while rolling through the pearly gates.  On Sunday, March 20, the skate world lost a legend, Mr. James T. Kirk, better known to Ohio skaters as Captain Kirk.
Captain Kirk was a family man in more ways than one.  In his time, he managed to spread bountiful love amongst his blended family in addition to a myriad number of skaters who considered him to be an uncle.  His smile was captivating, his love was contagious, and his bounce skating was unparalleled.  He left his legacy with skaters who adopted the framework of his style through his teachings; skaters like Wes Jiggs from Crowd Cutta Productions (LA bwo Columbus) who makes his way throught many jungles with camera in hand, and Mike Morgan aka Mr. Wiggles (Atlanta bwo Columbus).  Mr. Wiggles started as a floor guard who was having trouble keeping up with the kids.  One day, Captain Kirk took him under his wing teaching him the fundamentals of bounce skating (and duct tape), creating the phenomenal skater that we know him to be. 

But most of all, Captain Kirk’s most notable skate prodigy is his son, Matt Kirk (Minneapolis bwo Columbus) who has a dual love for both music and skating.  Matt excelled at both DJing at the rink and bouncing through many Columbus Jungles.  Captain Kirk was also a member of the Easy Rollers Skate Club where he will be remembered as the choreographer of many step routines.

Captain Kirk will truly be missed by every heart that he touched. For me, I will miss his kind and gentle soul, the man who shared a birthday week with me and we celebrated on skates. It was a blessing just to have known him. 

To the Kirk family, please hold tight to this Star Trek quote . . . Death is that state in which one exists only in the memory of others... which is why it is not an end. ' No goodbyes.

Until we roll again my friend! 


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