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Mike aka "Groove"
Columbus, OH
Crew Photographer

A native of Columbus, OH, "Groove" was raised as a skater has been a skater all of his life. The love of skating has manifested through his entire family. Although his mother Carolyn (Platinum) is member of the Easy Roller Skate Club, she no longer skates but you will find her at national events watching others enjoy themselves from the side of the rink. His brothers; Stephen and Jason, cousins; Trina (Full Fig), Nina and Antonio (Big Body) and sister; DeShana (Foxy D, Dyme Rollers) all skate in the name of family and love.

As a former skate club member, Groove started attending national events back in 2000 and joined the SkateGroove Crew as a photographer in 2002. Since then he has combined variations of different skating styles into his own. At 6'3" he has a style that is smooth and fast. A quiet fire would best describe him. Rolling on Beatkeeper wheels, you can't tell by looking how smooth he is until you roll behind him and experience it for yourself.

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