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A Phenomenal Weekend of Roller Skating Excitement

Lights . . . . Camera . . . . Roll out the Red Carpet!

Each event during the Adrenalin Awards began the same way but all had their own special flare.

The Adrenalin Awards Ceremony

The skaters were dressed from head to toe in fashionable but elegant style. The excitement was in the air not only for the anticipation of discovering who the winners were but for those volunteers who requested to present an award. A sit-down dinner added the extra touch before the accolades were presented. The lights were in place and illuminated, the cameras rolled, DJ Wiz flipped the switch on the mixer and it was time to start the show. This year’s Adrenalin Awards was characterized by a few minor changes. Instead of having a guest emcee who is not a skater, the emcees were skaters who have other talents, one for cinematography and the other for gab and comedy. We had the pleasure of being entertained by Mr. Tyrone Dixon of Jammin Entertainment and Ms. Khannie Butler of Silver and Gold Unlimited. The duo did a fabulous job of entertaining and introducing the presenters during the event.

Nikki and G-Man

There were a few presentations that must not go without mention. Tyrone Dixon spoke on what’s going on behind the scenes with the upcoming Fox Searchlight Film “Roll Bounce” which is due to be released in September. Tasha and Norbert Klusmann of Our Family Skate Association spoke about the African American Roller Skating Archives Project and called for all skaters to make a contribution to the project. After the all the awards were given, there was a special award winner, selected by Three-O-Two Entertainment and SkateGroove.com for the “Most Traveled Skater”. This award was given to Ms. Tanya Sprott of New Jersey for her active participation in almost all of the skating events hosted by various coordinators across the country. Tanya can be found at any event stepping on the floor with Mr. Charles (NJ) or simply conversing with other skaters. She is one of the most cordial, fun-loving and sincere skaters you will ever meet with a very beautiful personality to match. Ms. Tanya is very deserving of this award and we just wanted to thank her for all the support she has shown us at our events and others.

Many of the winners were surprised to receive their trophy but the most memorable one of all was the award for Favorite Website. Tristina Cherry, from Jive Biscuit was on site to accept the award. When Jive Biscuit was announced, she didn’t even realize it because she was so busy on the job taking pictures (which can be found on Jivebiscuit). Then it hit her, she could not take a photo of herself and off she went to the podium to accept the award and give a comical thank you speech. Within seconds of exiting the stage, she was on her cell talking to Van (of JiveBiscuit). “We Won! We Won!” she shouted as she smiled and ran to the photographer for her winner’s photo.

The Adrenalin Roll Call After Party

After the pageantry of the awards ceremony, some people hung around to swing and sway on the dance floor while others prepared for the Adrenalin Roll Call After Party and Fundraiser. In the course of an hour, skaters went from formal dress back to skate attire and headed to the Elsmere Skating Center and Skate Store for a few hours of skating to their favorite songs. Every city was well represented with the music they like to skate to in their respective cities. Skaters had a good time while raising money for the Alicia Reece campaign for mayor. The night was a success. Over $1000 was contributed towards Alicia’s campaign.

Adrenalin Hospitality

Hospitality was the key ingredient for the weekend, so much in fact that it was split into two different venues. On one hand you had people who wanted to try their luck at bowling and getting a good game or two in, and the other, you had people who wanted to enjoy some fine American cuisine at one of the best sports bars in the area - Champp’s.


The skaters were ready to be served and the food was piled high. If you did not walk out of there (well roll out of there) on a full stomach then you ordered the wrong menu item. By no means do they serve small portions at Champp’s. The skaters also had the opportunity to be on film thanks to Essie from A+ Video Solutions and her film crew. Skaters from New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Detroit, San Diego and other cities all had an opportunity to tell how much Adrenalin was flowing through their system that weekend.

Youth Skate Invitational

The skating rink was packed with children ranging from the tiniest tots to the tumultuous teens. It became apparent as you watched the youth skating at high rates of speed that this is one of the best places for children to learn to skate. They learn the hard way. The youngest children have no fear at Elsmere. They get on the floor and roll with the big boys and girls. If they fall down, they get up. The floor guards at Elsmere are spectacular. As soon as a child hits the floor, they are there to scoop them up in seconds! There is no time for error. The children at Elsmere flow and they flow hard. I must make mention of one incident I observed where boy of about six was skating along the wall. His skill level was still in the development stage and skating along the wall was not where he should have been. Unbeknown to him, a floor guard came behind him and scooped him up and took him to the middle. The expression on the child’s face spoke tons through his look of disappointment. I can only imagine him saying “Dang, I was doing alright, why did you have to move me? I was doing just fine!”

The crowd was split from 11 and younger to the older set and each group performed hard for the Adrenalin visitors. The Hot Boys and Hot Girls of Delaware exhibited the Delaware/S. Philly style with great pride and they also added some new moves to the mix. They did an excellent job. After their performance and a little break, the adult Adrenalin guests put on a show. This year’s performance featured the Dogg Pound (Huntsville, AL), Tasha and Norbert Klusmann (DC/MD), Leo White (St. Louis, MO), Skate A Licious (DC/MD), Pooh (DC/MD) and the DC/Maryland Rollers.

Pure Adrenalin

Those who did not make it to the Youth Invitational found themselves getting rested for the main event . . . .”Pure Adrenalin”. Five hours of minimally uninterrupted skating! No matter how much skaters begged for a break, they didn’t get it. Every time they thought they were going to leave the floor to catch a breath, DJ Wiz and DJ Ed threw another cut on the wheel and they went right back out to roll again. The only thing that the skaters could not resist more than the music was the FOOD! Yes, the buffet was off the hook and the skaters slammed it down till there was nothing left.

One of the few skate breaks was when the raffle tickets were drawn. There were four fabulous prizes; a skate box donated by Single Skaters.com of New Jersey; a $40 gift certificate donated by Come Scent 2 This of Delaware; a pair of Roller Skates donated by Skillz-N-Skates of New Jersey, and a Sony Play Station 2 donated by our friends at Pepsi. The winners were as follows:

$40 Come Scent to This Gift Certificate
Missy, Skate-A-Licious, Washington, D.C./Maryland

Skate Box
Charles Dendy, NSC Freestyle Rollers, South Carolina

Roller Skates
Richard Reece, Maryland

Sony Play Station 2
Diamond, Skate-A-Licious, Washington, D.C./Maryland

The only other time a break was allowed was during the slow sets but even then, the selection of music was strictly skate jams and everyone continued to roll. No one should be able to say they gained weight Adrenalin weekend from all of the food. If they did, then they didn’t skate. They probably fell asleep after eating.

"For those who were not able to attend the 2005 Adrenalin Awards weekend, we hope you will be able to attend in 2006. We would like to thank the Nomination Committee, voters and all of the Adrenalin Weekend guests. You truly made this happen, not just for SkateGroove.com and Three-O-Two Entertainment, but for the nominees, winners and the entire skate community."

- Desi, Nikki and G-Man

The 2005 Adrenalin Awards Ceremony and Skate Jam Weekend was filmed by Essie Desamours of A+ Video solutions with assistance from the camera crew, Tyrone Dixon (Jammin Entertainment, Los Angeles), Mike Morgan (Philadelphia, PA) and Michael “Groove” Blackwell (SkateGroove.com, Columbus, OH). The video will be released at a later date for everyone to have a piece of history.

The 2006 Adrenalin Awards and Skate Jam will be held

May 5 - 7, 2005
Wilmington, DE

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