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A Phenomenal Weekend of Roller Skating Excitement

“As seen thru my eyes”

Commentary by Joi Stafford of Atlanta, GAJoi Stafford

Upon check-in, it did not take long for me to know that there would be some pleasant surprises for the weekend ahead. As a coordinator, when I go to other Sk8ing events, of course I notice the “Special Touches”. Sit back and take a trip back to Adrenalin with me. For those that were there, you will be able to reminisce on some great memories. For those who could not make it, you will see what you missed. Here is a list of some of the things that I noticed that set the Adrenalin Weekend apart from others:

Goodie Bags: All of the guests were given a Goodie Bag upon check-in that was filled with candy, a CD, cookies, an Adrenaline power drink and literature.

Family Assistance: I was so pleased to see so many Sk8rs (and their family members) from different states and Sk8 clubs assisting in all areas. Now that’s what I’m talking about…Family helping Family.

Reserved Tables: The presenters had tables reserved set for them. Being that I was asked to be a presenter, this was a special touch for me.

Seating Escorts: Yes, we all were escorted to our seats by Adrenalin volunteers. These young people did an excellent job of seating us.

Projection Monitor: The categories and winners were showed on the monitor screen as they were called to the podium. Pure quality.

Camera/Videographer Crew: Essie Dessamours, Mike Morgan, Michael Blackwell and Tyrone Dixon and worked very hard and did such a professional job. Written instructions were given to the presenters on how to watch the camera and wait for cues. Although I read my instructions over and over, I forgot every word when it was my turn to go to the podium. Sorry Essie. The camera crew also took pictures of the winners with their awards.

Emcees: What a team! Tyrone Dixon (8 Wheels and Some Soul Brotha Music) and Ms Khannie (Silver and Gold, Unlimited). There was a professional touch and a touch of Humor. This mixture appeared to have kept the crowd very relaxed. The flow filled the room with a lot of passion for the events that were taking place that night

Dress Attire: The formal dress attire had all of us looking good. We got to see the “other side” of one another. Each outfit had an expression of its own. You can learn a lot about people by their formal attire. The ladies walked with such grace and the men with such stride. We ARE Beautiful People!

The Ballroom: The tables were set and the food was served. The staff was courteous and accomoding.

Stage Set-up/Lighting: The podium and stage was set-up to perfection. It was easily transformed to accommodate many adjustments for the difference in presenter’s heights.

DJ Wiz: DJ Wiz played music to fit every aspect of the ceremony. His knowledge of music was displayed well. He knew what songs to play for what region. Two thumbs up for you Wiz.

Adrenalin Summary
The Adrenalin Awards Ceremony is a MUST experience for all Sk8rs. It is the only Sk8r’s Award Ceremony of its kind. As I reminisce back to that night, I felt so much love. I saw a lot of smiles and embracing. Everyone was happy for the winners. My spirit was in such of a humble mode, winning was not a concern for me. I came to enjoy myself and enjoy myself is what I did. In the past, I had concerns about certain aspects of the Adrenalin Awards and I expressed them to the coordinators. This year I noticed some changes proving that my suggestions were taken into consideration. I thank you guys for that. When you think about it, it takes a lot of hard work to put together the Adrenalin Awards. It has to be planned over the course of a whole year. I give you guys credit for your hard work. Desi, G-Man and Nikki… you all have opened a new threshold for the World of Sk8ing. Sk8ers, sk8ing rinks, vendors and individuals are acknowledged because of you.

WE ALL ARE WINNERS (as seen thru my eyes)

Next year’s nominees should campaign, campaign and campaign . . . if you really want to win VOTES.

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