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Silver & Gold Unlimited, LLC
Philadelphia, PA

"Silver & Gold, Unlimited" (SGU) is a mother and daughter team, Khannie Butler and Marilyn Moore, who coordinate and organize special skating events, both locally and nationally. As a result, the two of us as a team have an exciting flavor with truly unlimited potential.

In order to facilitate SGU’s upcoming, innovative projects, SGU has been incorporated to form Silver & Gold Unlimited, LLC.

Our goal is to bring pleasure and excitement to old school rollers, as well as the new school to continue our voyage with high-energy parties like “The SCENARIO” and support the skating community as we visit rinks throughout the United States.

Khannie and Marilyn
Khannie Butler
Silver & Gold Unlimited, LLC
  Marilyn Moore
Chief Executive Officer
Silver & Gold Unlimited, LLC

If you have any questions regarding upcoming skating events, please contact Khannie Butler at or Marilyn "Stiltz" Moore

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