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Flint Roller Skating Association (Flint RSA)
Flint, MI

The Flint Rollerskating Association was founded in December 1999 by Dwayne Corder, Kevin Edmonds, and Perry Stokes III. They set a goal to get together a group of people who would like to see families unite together and bring family entertainment to the City of Flint. They were joined by three additional skaters, Mary McGee, French Jones, and Andre Smith, who bring the much needed advertising/sales and promotion pieces to the table. Our team is complete, and we are eager to reach out and support the skating community. We have various other honorary members within the Flint/Detroit areas.

The F.R.A. Focus
Family entertainment is at its all time low in Flint. There are no places within the city limits for parents to take their children for family entertainment. All of the movie theaters, skating rinks, shopping centers, and arcades are located outside the city limits. We, the residents of the city of Flint, are the reason these businesses stay open. The F.R.A. goal is to help redirect those dollars, and work towards providing entertainment for families within the Flint city limits.

To take kids off the street and put them in a safe and family oriented atmosphere. To provide an interactive organization that is clean and wholesome for our future generations to come.

Our Events
We try hard to provide entertainment both on/off the skating surface. Our major events each year are Spring Break, and the end of the year skating jam, the Rollett's Reunion. We host skater's night out normally twice a year which gives skater's the opportunity to put their dancing shoes on. We also participate with our local radio station and support coats for kids. At most of the skating events we like to showcase the element of competition. Best male, Best female, Best mixed couple, etc. We encourage all nationwide skaters to join us both on/off the skating surface. 2003 will encompass our 1st Annual summer picnic. In 2002 we formed a co-ed softball team. So we invite all skaters and clubs to join us, and by all means bring your team.

Our food is provided by Mississippi Memories, Kim Jones, honorary member has provided our events with an extra special touch that makes you think back to southern hospitality. (Finger licking good) So plan on eating when you come.

The Rollett's Reunion is such a love filled event. Our former rink was named Rollett's Arena. This was a African American owned and operated facility. Skaters from across the nation come to partake in this event. Our first Reunion 2000 had an audience of 808 skaters. A portion of the proceeds went support Cierra Nelson, an abducted and killed 10 year old. The second reunion came close 792. This event is normally held the Saturday after Christmas, and just prior to New Years. This is the last skating jam of the year and we look forward to the excitement of seeing all of our friends each year.

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