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Detroit Rhythmic Rollers
Detroit, MI

Detroit Rhythmic Rollers

Who is the Detroit Skaters On The Go?
Well, let’s stroll down Memory Lane!!!!!!!

Lorna (Cookie), Theresa (Tee), Quintone (Tone), Tiffany and Cynthia

In 1993 a group of skaters collaborated on what was needed to breathe new life and add new interests of roller skating. This group consisted of Debra Bosman, Marshall Carter, Lorna Hubbard, Brenda Mallett and Cynthia Travis. Together, they formed Skaters On The Move. Under this name, they organized an adventurous and successful trip to Chicago, Illinois.

In 1995 Charles Haywood and Andre Mitchell came together to orchestrate a trip of skating bliss to Atlanta, Georgia. All who participated had a splendid time and there were regrets from those who didn’t attend.

In 1996 Detroit Skaters On The Go evolved and since have sponsored and traveled to New Jersey/New York, Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, and California.

Who is the Detroit Skaters On The Go? Lorna Hubbard, Theresa Jones, Andre Mitchell, Cynthia Travis, Fred and La Cheryl Wicker. What was so special about this group? We have in common a love for skating and meeting people. We encourage and support clean, safe, healthy, courteous and legal fun! Participants of sponsored activities of Detroit Skaters On The Go include persons from all walks of life, both professional and nonprofessional, technical, blue-collar, retired, etc. Position/status has no bearing on an invitation to participate. All that is asked is that you share the same love for skating.

In 1998 a name change to Detroit Rhythmic Rollers came about with members of Lorna Hubbard, Theresa Jones, Cynthia Travis, Fred and La Cheryl Wicker. A Non-profit organization club.

In 1999 we had various skating parties and some members attended other skating parties in various states.

We have since traveled and sponsored skating parties in Toronto-2000, 2001, had skating competitions, fundraisers of which donations totaling $2,300.00 to 4 charities. Provided Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to 4 families, parties for the children and skating parties for adults as well. October 12 2005, we sponsored a Fundraiser for the Katrina evacuees and donated all admission proceeds to the Red Cross. We have hosted 5 Skate-O-Ween parties for adults and skaters including ourselves wore costumes! This event will be held every year.

In 2004, 3 new members join our club, Tiffany Brown, Quinton Greene, and Kylah Preston and we welcome the young folks coming in and providing their services, which has been outstanding! DRR & PM Travel Services Inc. organized the 1st Cruise & Skate Affair on-board the Royal Caribbean’s Mariner Of The Seas May 23-30, 2004. Yes, We Skated On The Ship!!!! Another Cruise & Skate is planned for May 2006.

2004 Bon Voyage Cruise and Skate Recap
Ports: Labadee, Haiti; Ocho Rios, Jamaica; Georgetown, Grand Cayman Island; and Cozumel, Mexico

As of 2005 club members were Tiffany Brown Quintone Greene Lorna Hubbard, Theresa Jones, and Cynthia Travis. Technically, we have been round for 12 years!

2006 - Our Second Cruise & Skate was held May 20 – 27, 2006 on “The Navigator Of The Seas” a Eastern Cruise to San Juan, Puerto Rico; Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas; Philipsburg, St. Maarten; Nassau, Bahamas.

2006 Bon Voyage Cruise and Skate Cruise Cliques

In 2007 we had our 1st Breast Cancer “Roller Skating For The Cure” at Northland Skating Center and donated all proceeds to The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, the rink owner Mr. Larry Masumy donated the rink to our club—we are looking forward to the 2nd Roller Skating For The Cure” December 16, 2008 at Northland. Our club did an interview on Fox2 with Lila Lazarus who skated with us on TV2.

2008 - Our Third Cruise & Skate was held May 17-24, 2008, everyone arrived a day early on May 16, 2008 and skated that night in Fort Lauderdale, board The Liberty Of The Seas the next day in Miami Florida on a Western Cruise to Labadee, Hispaniola(Haiti); George Town, Grand Cayman Island; Cozumel, Mexico and Montego Bay, Jamaica, a Fourth 4th Cruise & Skate May 22-29, 2010 is in the planning, updated information will be posted on and

Take a tour of Royal Caribbean's newest vessel "Oasis of the Seas". This ship is truly unbelievable!

“We Came, We Skated, We Gone”

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