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Anacostia Rollers & Friends
Washington, D.C.

Anacostia Rollers

Contact: Betty Dodds

The Anacostia Rollers Friends, Dance Champion skaters of the District of Columbia is to prompt the development of improving community relations via Dance/Roller Skating since 1984. We provide lessons in proper skating for youngsters as well as adults. My name is Betty Dodds, program coordinator for the Anacostia Rollers and Friends, Inc. and producer of "Show on Skates". The Anacostia Rollers with our Friends, presents three shows during the summer months for the public enjoyment, during the winter months the Rollers & Friends go indoors to nursing homes and handicap facilities to perform this exciting skating extravaganza. Skaters come from as far as See North Carolina, Delaware, Baltimore, New York and California to perform in these skating events.

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