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Ted "Pops" Allen
Sunrise: May 19, 1939
Sunset: December 16, 2019
Ted "Pops" Allen


CLEVELAND, OH  –  It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of a beloved member of our skate family, known to many of us as “Pops”.  Aged 80, Ted “Pops” Allen, who introduced his family to roller skating, passed away from a seven-year battle with Dementia.  He is survived by Mom (Julia Capers Smith) and Lisa Allen, 2/3 of the trio known to us as “Mom, Pops and Lisa” and cohosts of the Creep and Roll Skate Jam; and his two sons Sanders and Robert. 

You would always find Pops at the rink with Mom, quietly sitting and enjoying skaters roll by and listening to the music.  Mom always with a smile on her face, would greet you with a hug and kiss and make sure she asks about your day and how you are doing, despite having the daunting task of being a caretaker of a loved one with Dementia.  Being a caretaker of someone afflicted with this devastating ailment is a life-altering experience and it takes the strength love and support from friends and family to cope.  I’m sure being among skate family is an outlet of support for the Allen family.

It is estimated that 50 million people are affected with Alzheimer’s Dementia with 10 million new cases every year.  There is no current cure for this disease but until there is, please let’s show our love and support for not only the individuals affected by the disease, but the caretakers as well.  And with this, let’s show are love and support for Mom, Lisa and the rest of the Allen family though their time of sorrow. 

To Pops, thank you for being our cheerleader, loving us, and loving the roll.

~ Love you Pops

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