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Current Effects of the Pandemic on Travel
POSTED 6.3.21

NATIONWIDE - Here is some news for making it to your next skate destination on a budget.

If you are planning a trip, book your airfare now. Prices are expected to rise at least 16% June and July.

Rental Cars
Prices for cars are extremely high and are not going to change any time soon. A rental car for the weekend could be as much as $2,000. Check for a car before you book a flight and if you find a deal, do not pass it up. Keep in mind that it is possible that despite booking a car and locking in a rate, it is possible that the rental car company may still increase the price and notify you by email.

Hotel rates are steady right now. You may be able to find a deal if you book at the last minute.

New Party Announcement

iRX Independence Roll X
POSTED 6.13.21

CHICAGO, IL –  Summer is here!  Celebrate your Independence Day in the Chi at iRX.  Friday July 2, roll at the Rink with DJ Fly Ty and MzDJ Tone.  Wear any one of your iR1 through iR9 shirts . . .bring them all because you are guaranteed to sweat through 1 to 5. Saturday, roll at Lynwood Sport Center with DJ’s Arson, DMC and Joe Bowen.  Wear your IRX shirt or colors Black and Gold.  Sunday, watch the fireworks and then head to Glenwood to roll with DJ Brian, DJ Narsistic and DJ CJ.  Admission for each session is $15 in advance and $20 at the door.
Independence Roll 10

7th Annual Cancer Sk8 Jam
POSTED 5.26.21

ATLANTA, GA –  Rep in your pink and blue at the 7th Annual Cancer Sk8 Jam in Atlanta.  Saturday, October 3, roll for a good cause from 7:00 PM until 1:00 AM at Sparkles Smyrna.  Admission is $10.
Cancer Skate Jam

The Weekend
POSTED 5.25.21

INDIAN TRAIL (CHARLOTTE), NC –  We always look forward to the weekend but the weekend of November 5-7 is going to be special.  Pack your skates and head to Kates Skating Rink for “The Weekend” skate jam.  Roll three nights at a discounted rate of $30 with a weekend pass.  DJ Joe Greene, DJ D Smooth, DJ Joe Bowen and DeeJay Soulnificient will be spinning Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights respectively.  Skaters must be 18 or older to attend.
The Weekend



June 25-27, Seattle, WA
Shodown 'N Seatown

July 2-5, Chicago, IL
iRX - Independene Roll X

July 9-10, Atlanta, GA
2nd Annual Essential Skaterz Skate Weekend

July 9-11, Sacramento, CA
Cali N' July Super Roll Weekend

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This Weekend . . .

Shodown N' Seatown

SEATTLE, WA  –  The Shodown N’ Seatown Summer Solstice Skate Jam weekend will include three nights of skating to the sounds of Team Dream on Friday, DJ Arson on Saturday, and DJ Fly Ty on Sunday.  No rental skates will be available and masks will be required at all times.  Skater’s must be 18 or older to attend.

Rink Rich in History, Closes its Doors
Roller Garden (1969 - 2021)
POSTED 5.27.21

ST. LOUIS PARK, MN –  The state of Minnesota is a melting pot of people from all walks of life but when you walked through the big green double doors of Roller Garden in Minneapolis, you automatically belonged.  It did not matter if you were rich, poor, white, black, gay or straight, all were accepted and became our extended family.  The rink had the largest floor in Minnesota and people would pack in on any given night!  

In 2013 the floor was changed to wood and the rink also got an upgraded sound system.  There were two huge mirror balls and all kinds of amazing lights set the mood.  More and more adults starting to frequent the Roller Garden and soon there was an Adult Session on Sunday mornings, Thursday evenings and Friday evenings.  

The building has quite a history from a place people could ride horses, to playing tennis and of course roller skating.  There was roller skating at this location as well prior to the current owner’s acquisition and the stories shared are that the city and neighbors back then, still did not want a rink in the area and blamed community issues on the skaters.  The family that bought the rink in 1969 still owns the rink.  The story the family has shared is that over the years and even prior to them owning the rink, the city and the neighbors always complained about the building housing roller skating and claimed it brought trouble.  Numerous times the city had threatened to close the Roller Garden down, taxes were hiked to try to push them out, and even forced the owners to close earlier in the evening blaming anything negative in the area on the Skaters.  While we were all family inside the big green doors, the outside world seemed to not want us there.  With Covid causing limited capacity and decreased revenue, that did not help.  

This year, the patriarchal owner of this family-owned business turned 80 years old and wanted to retire along with his wife.  The owners shared that the city said once they decide to retire no one would be allowed to purchase the property as a Roller Rink.  It has been said that the land is zoned residential however, a gymnastics facility is moving in!  

On the last day, May 8, 2021 the owners hosted a private event for all the regulars they considered family and friends.  So many tears, hugs, and stories were shared.  I presented them with a plaque that expressed my appreciation which I believe the sentiments are shared by many in the community.

We will truly miss Roller Garden, the rink with the infamous big green dinosaur.

-Joanne Fountaine
Minneapolis Skate Family

To read more about Roller Garden, go to

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Jun 14 - Jeron Land, The Rock Star,, Atlanta, GA
Jun 14 - DeWayne Goodlow, JBXperience, Chicago, IL
Jun 15 - Brian Mullins, Columbus, OH
Jun 15 - Hezekiah Barnette, NSC Freestyle Rollers, Sk8 Xpressions (3/4 Muslim)
Jun 15 – Essie Desamours, Atlanta, GA
Jun 16 - Pam Burns, ATL Skater, Atlanta, GA
Jun 16 – Miss Raw Talent, C-Land Freestyler, Cleveland, OH
Jun 20 - Phyllis Jones, Atlanta, GA
Jun 21 - Tamecka “Mecka” Yancey of Mil-Town Rollers of Milwaukee, WI
Jun 26 - Rickey Davis AKA Tip Toe, Houston Texas, SpaceCity Rollers
Jun 28 - Shaquana Verne, Phase V, Camden, NJ
Jun 28 – DJ Mike Music, Atlanta, GA
Jun 28 - Lavette, Empire Roller Rink, Brooklyn, NY
Jun 29 - Desi,, Phoenix, AZ
Jun 29 – Janie Cosby, Virginia

Jun 3 - Dee and Denise Knowles, Nashville, TN Celebrating 15 years of marriage
Jun 7 – Charles and Kiyomi Edwards, 18 years of marriage
Jun 24 - Phil & Rose Bean, Towson, Dynasty Sk8 Club 27 years of marriage

Jul 1 – Smooth Ki, Chicago Ruff Ryder Rollers
Jul 2 - Tamiko Holmes, Military
Jul 4 - Venessa Raigns aka Sexcee Caramel, Ettrick, VA
Jul 4 - Tyrone Dixon, Jammin Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA
Jul 4 - Dori Smith, Kansas City, MO
Jul 6 - Vince "Ice V" with Fam Affair, Orlando,FL
Jul 8 - Bridget Grier, NSC Freestyle Rollers, Charlotte, NC
Jul 10 - Matthew Davis, Montgomery, AL
Jul 11 - Cherry Williams aka" Mz. Dimples" of GemCity Striderz
Jul 12 - Robert "DJ Big Bob" Clayton, Brooklyn, NY
Jul 12 – Rennette, aka Baby Girl
Jul 13 - Joe "So Kashmir" Hart, Livin the ATL bwo MC IND.
Jul 14 - JuJuan (JJ) Blunt, NSC Freestyle Rollers, Charlotte, NC
Jul 17 - Patrice Koonce, Kansas City, MO
Jul 19 - Chucky, Butterflys N Unity
Jul 20 – Vanessa Baker-Alford, Dayton, OH
Jul 22 - Sharon Kimpson, former Master Roller “DC Style”
Jul 22 – Ms. Tracy, Millennium Skate World, Camden, NJ
Jul 22 - Jeff "Silk" Carpenter, Chicago, IL
Jul 23 – Misha “China Doll” Goins, Chester, VA
Jul 25 - Dwayne Bailey, Milwaukee, WI
Jul 29 - Joshua Johnson, Chicago, IL
Jul 29 - Denise Knowles, Nashville, TN
Jul 29 - Rocky Lassiter, Newport News, VA
Jul 30 - David Beasley aka "BLAZZE" of GemCity Striderz, Dayton, OH
Jul 30 - Kina Aka Ms. Kina‏, Louisville Rail Ridaz's, Louisville, KY
Jul 30 – Markina (Thunda) Thompson, Louisville, KY
Jul 30 - Phil, Orchard Skateland, Towson, MD
Jul 30 – Tamla, San Diego, CA
Jul 30 – Huriya Abdullah, Kansas City, MO
Jul 31 - Wood, Kitty Kat Ladies, Skate 22, Union, NJ

July 17 – Rich and Karen, As The Wheels Turn Skate Club, Northern California, 36 years
July 18 – Milo and Patrice, Louisville, KY
July 18 – Denis (NYC/KY) and Patrice (CA/Sparkles)

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