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Southern Roll Spring Roll Fest
POSTED 1.13.21

BRENTWOOD, TN – Celebrate the arrival of Spring at the Southern Roll Spring Roll Fest, Saturday, March 20, 2021.  DJ Bounce and DJ Jay the Great will be providing your musical entertainment from Midnight until 4 AM.  Admission is $15 at the door.
Spring Roll Fest

All Star Skate Night
POSTED 1.13.21

BRENTWOOD, TN – On Saturday, February 27, take a trip to Nashville all for the love of skating.  Jody and Christal invites one and all to the All Star Skate.  DJ D, DJ Carl and special guest DJ Brian are on the ticket to spin for you from midnight until 4 AM at Brentwood Skate Center.  Skaters must be 18 or older to attend.
All Star Skate Night

Love Sk8 Affair
POSTED 1.11.21

ATLANTA, GA  –  Roll with love starting Valentine’s Day Eve and into the day at the Love Sk8 Affair, February 13, 2021 at Golden Glide starting at 11:30 PM.  The DJs for the night are DJ T-Smooth, Mz. DJ Tone and DJ Tone’ Capo. 
Love Skate Affair

Silent Sk8
POSTED 1.11.21

CHARLOTTE, NC  –  Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend quietly at the Silent Sk8 party at Kate’s Skating Rink in Gastonia.  On May 29, starting at 10 PM, take your pick of the hits being played by three DJs:  DJ Soulnificent, DJ T-Smooth and DJ Tootz.  Skaters must be 18 or older to attend.
Silent Skate

TKO Sk8 Weekend
POSTED 1.11.21

ATLANTA, GA  –  1 – 2 – 3 it’s a knockout!  Three nights of jamming are going to make you not want to get out of bed Monday morning.  Make plans to come to the Total Knock Out Sk8 Weekend in the ATL, June 4-6 at Golden Glide, SkateTowne and Sparkles in Smyrna.  Four heavyweight DJs will be on the turntables including:  DJ Havoc, DJ-D and DJ Alley Al and DJ TSmooth.  Admission ranges from $10-$12 each event.
Total Knockout Weekend

AJAX 9 Skate Jam - All Women DJ's Weekend
POSTED 1.4.21

ATLANTA, GA  –  Sisters everywhere are making moves and this April, they will be handling their business on the turntables.  April 15-19 in the ATL, it is going to be a 4-day all women DJ skate weekend featuring DJ Tootz, DJ Bomb Jahlaam, DJ Lady P, Teezie, DJ Double A, Boss Lady J, Mz DJ Tone and a special guest DJ.  If you have not yet attended a Silent Skate, be there early on Thursday and enjoy the experience.  Friday night, jam in your jammies and Saturday, wear your AJAX shirt to represent.  The host hotel and additional weekend details will be announced at a later date.

The Underground Event - First Annual
POSTED 1.4.21

DAYTON, OH  –  Mark y’all calendars and be ready to go to The Underground, Where Talent is Brought to Light.  You don’t want to miss this event, June 4-6, 2021.  There will be a lot of fun for all.  The weekend’s activities include Skate Verzuz, a DJ Battle, basketball tournament, formal dance party and free food while it lasts.  Five different DJs are on the line up for the weekend as you have three nights to roll.  Admission Friday and Saturday is $13 in advance and Sunday, $10.  A higher rate is charged at the door so get your tickets early.
The Underground

On the Flat Screen
Skate Dreams: A Rollerskating Documentary

Roller Dreams

LOS ANGELES, CA – Check out Roller Dreams (2017) on HULU.  Sun, sand and skates is the way of life for skaters of all races but particularly for those of color at Venice Beach in Los Angeles, CA.  Watch a typical day for these skate enthusiasts as they spend their day being creative, having fun and entertaining crowds.  But all is not at peace as you would think at the public beach.


Feb 13 - Atlanta, GA
Love Sk8 Affair

Feb 27, Brentwood, TN
All Star Skate Night


During this unprecedented time of turmoil in this country and around the world, SkateGroove will try to keep you up-to-date on events that have been canceled or postponed due to the Corona virus. Updates will be provided as they are received.

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Prayer Corner

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Jan 12 - Josephine Bynum, Washington, D.C.
Jan 17 - Rob "Showtime" Hunter, Cincinnati, OH
Jan 19 - James "Dr. Soul" Cooper, Dogg Pound Skate Crew, Huntsville, AL
Jan 24 - Terry Connors, Nashville, TN
Jan 25 – Roberta Blondi Lee, Pittsburgh, PA
Jan 27 - Temica Gordon, Washington, DC
Jan 27 – L. David Stewart aka NIZM, Suicide Kings, Chicago, IL
Jan 28 - Brendella Reddock, Huntsville, AL
Jan 28 – Von, Chicago, IL
Jan 28 – Ami French, Toledo, OH
Jan 31 – La’Mone aka “Poetry n Motion”, Naptown Real Rollers, Indianapolis, IN

Feb 1 – DJ Dame-O, Chicago, IL
Feb 1 – Helen Washington, Houston, TX
Feb 1 - Jerome McCray aka Lil Man, Ruff Rollerz
Feb 1 - Effie Thomas, Showtime Rollers, Hampton, GA bwo Dallas
Feb 2 – Jay Hoodtimes McCleave, DC
Feb 3 – Kappa Chris Robinson, Maryland bwo New York
Feb 4 – Arthur Atkinson, San Diego, CA
Feb 4 - Dianne Pulliam, Kansas City, KS
Feb 4 - Chantelle Foster aka Foxy, Cincinnati, OH
Feb 5 – SiDiddy CocoDiva, Indianapolis
Feb 5 – Juice Richardson, Camden, NJ
Feb 5 – Nicole Roberts, Brooklyn, NY
Feb 5 – Lionel Hargrove aka “Blue”, Washington, DC
Feb 5 – Kiyomi Edwards, Burlington, NJ
Feb 6 - Ms. J (Jami Kelly), Baad Girlz, Wilmington, DE
Feb 6 - Lamar Harris, Skateworld, Great Skate, Northland, Detroit, MI
Feb 7 – Jontae Edmonds Cunningham, Dallas, TX
Feb 7 – Jerry Edison¸Naptown
Feb 7 – Shanai Grace aka “1981ofakind”, Seattle, WA
Feb 8 – Phatgirl Onwheels, Queens, NY
Feb 8 - Mike "Mr. Wiggles" Morgan, ATL bwo Columbus
Feb 10 – Cameron Mitchell, Chicago, IL
Feb 10 – Chrissy “Slim Goody” Spencer, Columbus Finest on Wheels, Columbus, OH
Feb 11 – Jamil “Kid-Dynomite” Drummond, Columbus, OH
Feb 11 – Anthony Thomas, Cincinnati, OH
Feb 11 – Karen Kake Williams, New Orleans/Cali
Feb 11 – Yolanda aka sexy Moore, Queens, NY
Feb 12 - Laura aka "Drk n Lovely", Columbus Finest on Wheels, Columbus, OH
Feb 12 – Marcie aka Lady Smoove, Da Unpredictablez, Cleveland, OH
Feb 13 – Elwood Pridgen, Dayton, OH
Feb 15 – DJ Hop, Columbus, OH
Feb 15 – Laneisha Beasley, Louisville, KY
Feb 15 – Rod Edison, Naptown bwo AZ
Feb 15 – Felicia Ara-Rated Upshaw, Chicago, IL
Feb 15 – Dionne Stallworth, Lil’Dynamite, Atlanta, GA
Feb 17 – Keith Wildstyle Paschall, Indianapolis, IN
Feb 17 - Caprina “Capri-Sun” skater in Dallas, TX
Feb 17 - Kimberly Battle, iSk8Club, Raleigh/Durham, NC
Feb 17 – DJ Fly Ty, NJ
Feb 19 – DJ Arson, NYC
Feb 19 – Shermon Sanders, Louisville, KY
Feb 19 - Bigman Vaughan, Richmond, VA
Feb 21 - Chris Jones, VA
Feb 21 – Sonya Taylor, Columbus, OH
Feb 22 - Stephanie "Lil Bitt" Goode, Cleveland, OH
Feb 22 - Rose Marie, Atlanta, GA bwo Harrisburg, PA  
Feb 23 - Kay Head, Chicago, IL
Feb 23 – Meme Warren, ATL/Nashville
Feb 24 – Dillon Volk, Columbus, OH
Feb 24 – James “Super Skate Repairman”, Skate 22, Branchbrook Park, NJ
Feb 25 - Traci "Muva" Wheeler, Trenton, NJ
Feb 27 – Sheryl Wiggs, DC/MD
Feb 27 - Delores Williams-Bentley
Feb 27 - T. Tims, Dayton, OH
Feb 28 – Kobie James, Chicago, IL
Feb 28 - Crash Dummy, Cleveland, OH

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