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The REAL-ID Act: What it is and how it will effect you as a skate traveler
POSTED 1.12.20

PHOENIX, AZ  –  The Department of Homeland Security has made it official where beginning October 1, 2020, every traveler will need to be REAL ID-compliant to travel within the United States or abroad, even if you have TSA Pre Check.  What does this mean?  Tightened security measures have been put in place to screen domestic travelers.  This is an additional layer of security that you will need to be able to board a plane.  REAL ID is obtained and presented through your government issued driver’s license.  If you plan to travel by air, you will need to visit your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles to get a new license. 

Before you go, check online to see what kind of documents and fees are required by your state to receive your ID. 

If you have not yet obtained your REAL-ID, you have less than 10 months.  The longer you wait, the more likely you may have to wait I long lines or have to delay your planned skate travel that will occur after October 1.

For more information for the requirements of your state and frequently asked questions, visit or

New Party Announcement

2nd Annual Curvy Roll 2020
POSTED 1.6.20

CLEVELAND, OH  –  Attention all Curvy Ladies and those who like to roll.  Come out to United Skates on March 13 and skate at the 2nd Annual Curvy Roll on Saturday, March 13, 2020.  The event starts at 11:00 PM and goes until 3:00 AM.  Admission is $12 and skaters must be 18 or older to attend.  Vendor tables are available.
Curvy Roll 2020

CIAA Old School Skate Party 2020
POSTED 12.14.19

CHARLOTTE, NC  –  The 75th annual CIAA Tournament will hit Charlotte February 2020.  Join the festivities with a roll at DJ Cleve’s Old School Skate Party Finale.  This party includes a Mid-Night Breakfast and celebrity Guest Chubb Rock!  It’s going down at Kate’s Skating Rink in Indian Trail, Thursday, February 27.  Guests must be 21 or older to attend.  Advanced tickets can be purchased online.  See ad for details.
CIAA Old School Skate Party

7th Annual MLK Sk8 Jam
POSTED 12.8.19

ATLANTA, GA  –  Enjoy three occasions with one good roll at the 7th Annual MLK Sk8 Jam.  Martin Luther King Weekend 2020, celebrate the 34th Anniversary of Tee and Kojak and Tee’s birthday at Sparkles in Smyrna.  DJ Lady P and DJ Keifer will be providing the music for your roll from 8:00 PM until 2:00 AM.  Admission is only $10 per person.
7th Annual MLK Skate Jam 2020


Skate Session

Spring Skate Workout
POSTED 12.15.19

BIRMINGHAM, AL  –  Skate off those Winter pounds at the Spring Skate Workout, April 4, 2020.  Skates 280 invites you to wear your favorite exercise or sports gear to and workout to the music of DJ Bom Jahlaam of the ATL.  Come and start on the road to get in shape for Summer.
Spring Skate Workout


Next on the Calendar

Jan 16-20, Tampa, FL
Tampa Soul Roll Invitational

Jan 19, Atlanta, GA
7th Annual MLK Sk8 Jam

Jan 24-25, Raleigh, NC
5th Annual Red Alert Skate Weekend

Jan 30 - Feb 1, Columbus, OH
15th Annual Icy Hot Skate Jam

Feb 14-17, Phoenix, AZ
Sk8Cation 2020


July 10-11, Sacramento, CA
Cali in July - Super Roll Weekend

Tampa Soul Roll Invitational: MLK Weekend 2020
POSTED 12.14.19

TAMPA, FL  –  Are you ready for some sun, concerts, rolling and chillaxin on the beach? Then the Tampa Soul Roll Invitational is where you should be MLK weekend.

Thursday early arrivals will meet for dinner at Portillo’s before skating at Astro with DJ Kev.  Friday is the Meet and Greet Welcome Party followed by skating with DJ Freestyle.  Saturday, enjoy another round of the holiday bird at the Turkey Fry and Cookout at Temple Crest Park with DJ One-Way and DJ Warlock.  Then head over to the Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival and hear soulful music from Eric Darius, Dwele and Tony! Toni! Tone!    Saturday night, you can skate to DJ Arson at Astro and then wrap up the weekend on Sunday with a skate family Brunch and Play before getting one last roll Sunday night with DJ Fanatic.

Skate Lessons

Skates' Out Youth and Adult Lessons at Sparkles Smyrna

POSTED 12.8.19

ATLANTA, GA  –  Looking for skate lessons for yourself or your children?  Skates’ Out is offering a monthly skating course that focus on foot techniques, rhythm, body coordination, control and balance.  Great for both youth, teens and adults.  Enroll online or get details for more information.

Prayer Corner

Prayer Corner

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Jan 6 - Kenny Ferguson, Flint, MI
Jan 6 - Jamelle Fair (Mil-town Rollers, Skaters R Us), Milwaukee, WI
Jan 6 - Cedrick "Dub Step", Fam Affair, Florida
Jan 7 - Michael Brown, Skate Executive Productions, Kansas City, MO
Jan 7 - Gail Green aka Gigi-- Sk8 22/BBrook--Newark, NJ (bwo) NC
Jan 8 - Richard 64sk8er Hunter, Texarkana
Jan 8 – DJ Leo the Lion, Hamilton, Ontario Canada
Jan 9 - Derek Lee, Columbus, OH
Jan 9 - Sky Mike Pope, Cleveland, OH
Jan 11 - Rob "Sho" Crosby, Richmond, VA
Jan 11 - Eric "DJ E Man" Christon, Chicago, IL
Jan 11 - JoVaughn C' Brown, Detroit, MI
Jan 12 - Josephine Bynum, Washington, D.C.
Jan 17 - Rob "Showtime" Hunter, Cincinnati, OH
Jan 19 - James "Dr. Soul" Cooper, Dogg Pound Skate Crew, Huntsville, AL
Jan 24 - Terry Connors, Nashville, TN
Jan 25 – Roberta Blondi Lee, Pittsburgh, PA
Jan 27 - Temica Gordon, Washington, DC
Jan 27 – L. David Stewart aka NIZM, Suicide Kings, Chicago, IL
Jan 28 - Brendella Reddock, Huntsville, AL
Jan 28 – Von, Chicago, IL
Jan 28 – Ami French, Toledo, OH
Jan 31 – La’Mone aka “Poetry n Motion”, Naptown Real Rollers, Indianapolis, IN

Feb 1 – DJ Dame-O, Chicago, IL
Feb 1 – Helen Washington, Houston, TX
Feb 1 - Jerome McCray aka Lil Man, Ruff Rollerz
Feb 2 – Jay Hoodtimes McCleave, DC
Feb 3 – Kappa Chris Robinson, Maryland bwo New York
Feb 4 – Arthur Atkinson, San Diego, CA
Feb 4 - Dianne Pulliam, Kansas City, KS
Feb 4 - Chantelle Foster aka Foxy, Cincinnati, OH
Feb 5 – SiDiddy CocoDiva, Indianapolis
Feb 5 – Juice Richardson, Camden, NJ
Feb 5 – Nicole Roberts, Brooklyn, NY
Feb 5 – Lionel Hargrove aka “Blue”, Washington, DC
Feb 5 – Kiyomi Edwards, Burlington, NJ
Feb 6 - Ms. J (Jami Kelly), Baad Girlz, Wilmington, DE
Feb 6 - Lamar Harris, Skateworld, Great Skate, Northland, Detroit, MI
Feb 7 – Jontae Edmonds Cunningham, Dallas, TX
Feb 7 – Jerry Edison¸Naptown
Feb 7 – Shanai Grace aka “1981ofakind”, Seattle, WA
Feb 8 – Phatgirl Onwheels, Queens, NY
Feb 8 - Mike "Mr. Wiggles" Morgan, ATL bwo Columbus
Feb 10 – Cameron Mitchell, Chicago, IL
Feb 10 – Chrissy “Slim Goody” Spencer, Columbus Finest on Wheels, Columbus, OH
Feb 11 – Jamil “Kid-Dynomite” Drummond, Columbus, OH
Feb 11 – Anthony Thomas, Cincinnati, OH
Feb 11 – Karen Kake Williams, New Orleans/Cali
Feb 11 – Yolanda aka sexy Moore, Queens, NY
Feb 12 - Laura aka "Drk n Lovely", Columbus Finest on Wheels, Columbus, OH
Feb 12 – Marcie aka Lady Smoove, Da Unpredictablez, Cleveland, OH
Feb 13 – Elwood Pridgen, Dayton, OH
Feb 15 – DJ Hop, Columbus, OH
Feb 15 – Laneisha Beasley, Louisville, KY
Feb 15 – Rod Edison, Naptown bwo AZ
Feb 15 – Felicia Ara-Rated Upshaw, Chicago, IL
Feb 15 – Dionne Stallworth, Lil’Dynamite, Atlanta, GA
Feb 17 – Keith Wildstyle Paschall, Indianapolis, IN
Feb 17 - Caprina “Capri-Sun” skater in Dallas, TX
Feb 17 - Kimberly Battle, iSk8Club, Raleigh/Durham, NC
Feb 17 – DJ Fly Ty, NJ
Feb 19 – DJ Arson, NYC
Feb 19 – Shermon Sanders, Louisville, KY
Feb 19 - Bigman Vaughan, Richmond, VA
Feb 21 - Chris Jones, VA
Feb 21 – Sonya Taylor, Columbus, OH
Feb 22 - Stephanie "Lil Bitt" Goode, Cleveland, OH
Feb 22 - Rose Marie, Atlanta, GA bwo Harrisburg, PA  
Feb 23 - Kay Head, Chicago, IL
Feb 23 – Meme Warren, ATL/Nashville
Feb 24 – Dillon Volk, Columbus, OH
Feb 24 – James “Super Skate Repairman”, Skate 22, Branchbrook Park, NJ
Feb 25 - Traci "Muva" Wheeler, Trenton, NJ
Feb 27 – Sheryl Wiggs, DC/MD
Feb 27 - Delores Williams-Bentley
Feb 27 - T. Tims, Dayton, OH
Feb 28 – Kobie James, Chicago, IL
Feb 28 - Crash Dummy, Cleveland, OH

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