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Dell “D-Millz” Miller
July 27, 1978 – February 27, 2021

The skate family has lost a brother, Mr. Dell Miller, aka D-Millz.  D-Millz was a religious man, husband, father of three, and a multi-talented musician, producer, singer and member of JBXperience skate club.  He was kind spirited and deeply humble.  He touched the lives of all who knew him in more ways than he probably ever knew.  He lived his life doing what he loved to do, music was his passion and his gift.  He used his passion to provide skaters, steppers and all who heard his music the opportunity to be the beneficiaries of his gift. 

Dell "D-Millz" Miller

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On the day he passed, Dell woke up knowing that God had blessed him with a beautiful day.  He posted his thoughts on Facebook saying “Happy Saturday everybody!! I hope you have a gr8 day!!”  As people responded, the replied back, personally touching all he could.  Let this serve as a reminder to us all that tomorrow is not promised to any of us and each day is a gift that we should cherish.

Funeral Arrangements for Dell “D-Millz” Miller

Saturday March 13, 2021
10:00 a.m. Visitation
11:00 a.m. Celebration of Life Homegoing

Trinity All Nations Church
9600 S. Vincennes
Chicago, Illinois

All resolutions can be emailed to Yolanda Please send this by Thursday 3/11/21.

Flower donations can be delivered to Trinity All Nations Church 9600 S. Vincennes Chicago, Illinois early morning on Saturday 3/13/21.

For those that cannot make it to the funeral we will have live stream info will be provided by the family.

His last Facebook post he woke up on a glorious Saturday morning and wanted to share his joy with everyone and he did. He responded to each and every person who replied good morning

New Party Announcement
Southern Roll Spring Roll Fest
POSTED 2.20.21

BRENTWOOD, TN – Celebrate the arrival of Spring at the Southern Roll Spring Roll Fest, Saturday, March 20, 2021.  DJ Jay the Great and DJ Tootz will be providing your musical entertainment from Midnight until 4 AM.  Admission is $15 at the door.
Spring Roll Fest

5th Annual Memphis in May Southern Roll "Major League"
POSTED 2.19.21

MEMPHiS, TN  –  Roll with the major league of skaters!  The 5th Annual Memphis in May Southern Roll, is coming May 14-16, 2021.  Settle in at “The Pregame” Friday Hangout in the Savor Lounge.  Arrive early for hours of fun before the “Batter Up” Jumpoff Skate Party Friday night.  Saturday afternoon’s game will be the “All White Affair” Ultimate Meet and Greet with soul food, music and family fun.  Saturday night, white continues to be the uniform color for the penultimate inning at the “Main Event” where everyone will roll at East End Skating Center.    Sunday’s final inning will start with the “Bottom of the Ninth” where you can get one more roll in before game over.  Book your room at the host hotel before they are all gone.
Memphis in May Southern Roll Major League

25th Annual Joi's Sk8-A-Thon - Silver Edition
POSTED 2.14.21

ATLANTA, GA  –   Celebrate the silver anniversary of one of the largest and most attended skate parties of the year!  Mark your calendar, September 1-6, 2021 for Joi’s Sk8-A-Thon and plan to participate in the big 25-year celebration! Book your room at the Westin Atlanta before the block is gone.  Details will be posted on the Sk8-A-Thon website.
Joi's Skate A Thon

For the Love of Sk8ing: Volume 2
POSTED 2.10.21

ATLANTA, GA  –  If you love skating, spend the weekend of June 11-13 rolling in the ATL.  3 days of skating at 3 ATL rinks and a Sk8ers Love Workshop on Saturday morning.  Friday warm up in the zone at Skate Zone starting at 11:00 PM.  Saturday, the main event will be at Golden Glide at 11:45 PM and Sunday’s finale will be at Sparkles starting at 7.  There are six DJ’s on the line up providing the sounds for your musical entertainment.
For the love of skating

Atlanta Reunion Skate 2021
POSTED 1.30.21

ATLANTA, GA – Come together and reunite with the skate family the weekend of March 19.  Roll for two nights at two Sparkles locations:  Smyrna and Hiram.  Skaters must be 18 or older to attend.
Atlanta Reunion Skate

Old School Sk8 Reunion
POSTED 1.30.21

ATLANTA, GA – Calling all Old School skaters!  DJs Yoga, Kill B, Keifer and Lady P will bring the good times of the past back through the magical melody of music from back in the day.  Roll Saturday and Sunday, March 20 and 21st at Sparkles in Smyrna.
Old School Skate Reunion

Silent Sk8
POSTED 1.11.21

CHARLOTTE, NC  –  Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend quietly at the Silent Sk8 party at Kate’s Skating Rink in Gastonia.  On May 29, starting at 10 PM, take your pick of the hits being played by three DJs:  DJ Soulnificent, DJ T-Smooth and DJ Tootz.  Skaters must be 18 or older to attend.
Silent Skate

On the Flat Screen
Skate Dreams: A Rollerskating Documentary

Roller Dreams

LOS ANGELES, CA – Check out Roller Dreams (2017) on HULU.  Sun, sand and skates is the way of life for skaters of all races but particularly for those of color at Venice Beach in Los Angeles, CA.  Watch a typical day for these skate enthusiasts as they spend their day being creative, having fun and entertaining crowds.  But all is not at peace as you would think at the public beach.


Mar 19-20, Atlanta, GA
Atlanta Reunion Skate 2021

Mar 20-21, Atlanta, GA
8th Annual Old School Sk8 Reunion

Mar 20, Brentwood, TN
Southern Roll Spring Roll Fest


During this unprecedented time of turmoil in this country and around the world, SkateGroove will try to keep you up-to-date on events that have been canceled or postponed due to the Corona virus. Updates will be provided as they are received.

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Prayer Corner

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Feb 28 – Kobie James, Chicago, IL
Feb 28 - Crash Dummy, Cleveland, OH

Mar 1 - Deondra "D-Truth" Arline, JB Inc. Skate Crew, Little Rock, AR
Mar 3 - Isi aka Sxy Blk, Dyme Rollers, Columbus, OH
Mar 3 - Peach Brooks, Skateology, Columbus, OH
Mar 5 – Richard “Skate Boy” Hunter, Jr., Texarkana
Mar 6 - Nicole "Nikki-Boo", 504 Rollerz, New Orleans, LA
Mar 7 - Mike "Diddy" Giles, VA Skate Connection, Petersburg, VA
Mar 11 - Charles Hall, Savannah, GA
Mar 11 - Robin Riz Pryor, Philly, PA
Mar 11 - E. Charlie Marsh aka "Chollywood", GSFE, Akron, OH
Mar 13 - “Diego” Al Littlejohn, San Diego, CA
Mar 13 – Loretta Joes aka “Sweet-N-Low”, Bronx, NY
Mar 14 - Robert "Eazzy" Epstine Slowwalkerz Philadelphia, PA
Mar 14 - Emmitt "D-Town" Grant of CCP (Crowd Cutta Productions)
Mar 16 – Dana Dane, Cleveland, OH
Mar 16 – Neicy, Washington, DC
Mar 17 - Dar Gor from Philly Diva's
Mar 18 - Yu'Londa "Rico's Girl" Matthews, Cincinnati bwo Raleigh, NC
Mar 20 – Karen Willis, MD bwo S. Jersey
Mar 20 - Damon "Dash", KCMO
Mar 21 - Pebblez, Ladies of Ruff Rollerz, DC/MD
Mar 21 – Kevin and Kenny Mack, Inner City Rollers, DC/MD
Mar 23 – Edith Ward, Kupkake, Carolina Cruisers
Mar 26 - Glenn Carr, OL' SKooL, Lou, KY
Mar 29 - Xandria "BEIJING" Slay-Watkins
Mar 29 - Kenny “Stepquick” Eaddy, Solid Gold Skaters, Columbus, OH
Mar 30 – Zena Ray, aka Zee, Camden, NJ
Mar 31 - April Lassiter, Sophisticated Lady, Skatemasters USA, KC, Kansas
Mar 31 – Darryl Meadows, Pittsburgh Steel City Rollers¸ Pittsburgh, PA
Mar 31 – Steve McGee, Columbus Pearlers, Columbus, OH

Apr 1 - Tanya Mallett, Mil-town Rollers, Milwaukee, WI
Apr 1 – Xavier “Lil Xa” Berry, Jr., 2 Smoov Rollers, Arkansas
Apr 2 - Trenaye Neequaye, Detroit, MI
Apr 4 - Metromike, Master Rollers Sk8 Club, Washington, D.C.
Apr 4 - Darnell a.k.a. Unpredictable D, Da Unpredictablez, Cleveland, OH
Apr 4 - Virginia Mz. Dee, CCP, Cincinnati, OH
Apr 4 - Kraz'e CoCo, ATL, GA
Apr 6 - Trina Edmondson, Columbus, OH
Apr 8 - KatchmeifuKan~~KK, Kansas City
Apr 8 – Stanley a.k.a. “A Beast”, MD bwo NJ
Apr 9 - Darryl "Crazyleggs" Byrd, Columbus Finest, Columbus, OH
Apr 10 - Daryl "DemoD", Columbus, OH
Apr 10 – Troy Myree, Cincinnati, OH
Apr 10 – Gerrold Givens, Dallas, TX
Apr 11 – Travis Givens – Memphis, TN
Apr 12 – Darlene Washington, Pittsburgh Steel City Rollers, Pittsburgh, PA
Apr 12 – Davinea Johnson, Milwaukee, WI
Apr 13 - Andre Dean aka Dre, DC/MD
Apr 14 - Wesley "Wes Jiggs" Jones, Jr., President, Crowd Cutta Productions, Columbus, OH
Apr 15 - Easter aka "Spicy-E", Columbus, Finest, Columbus, OH
Apr 15 - Ms. Lisa, Ohio Skaters, Akron, OH
Apr 15 - Felicia “Bambi” Fluitt, Brooklyn, New York
Apr 15 – Amy Givens, Houston, TX
Apr 16 – Marcia Bowie, West Coast Skater, Los Angeles, CA
Apr 17 - Loretta Cobb, VA Skate Connection, Hampton, VA
Apr 17 – Toni “Tot”, Kansas City. MO
Apr 18 - Tony "Big Body" Watson, Columbus, OH
Apr 18 - Nina Watson, Columbus, OH
Apr 18 – Rose Bean, Dynasty Rollers, Baltimore, MD
Apr 19 – Patrice aka “Sparkle”, Louisville, KY
Apr 20 - Dee, Rolling Wheels of Memphis, Nashville, TN
Apr 20 – DJ Storman Norman, DC/MD/VA
Apr 20 - Rhonda aka "Skater Gurl", Seattle, WA
Apr 22 - Tiffany, Branch Brook Park, NY-NJ
Apr 22 – Edna Davoll, aka “Ms. Edna”, Bronx, NY
Apr 23 - Mr. Neal "Freaky Deaky" Artis, Skate Freaks, NC
Apr 23 - Baby DJ, Nashville Quad Dymes, Nashville, TN
Apr 24 - Phelicia Wright, Los Angeles, CA
Apr 25 - Wanda, Branch Brook Park, NY-NJ
Apr 25 - Daryl "D-Mac" McNeil of Mil-Town Rollers, Milwaukee, WI
Apr 25 – Alicia Reece, Cincinnati, OH
Apr 26 - Lauretta Lawrence, Branch Brook Park, NY-NJ
Apr 26 - Dre MJ Thomas, Branch Brook Park, NY-NJ
Apr 27 - Lance Hull, Baton Rouge, LA
Apr 28 - April “N2SK8N” Major, Skate King, St. Louis, MO
Apr 29 - Margaret "Killer", Branch Brook Park, NY-NJ
Apr 30 - Myles "Chilly-Mac" McPherson¸Ohio Legends, Huber Heights, OH

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