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New York Times Critic's Pick: United Skates Documentary
POSTED 12.2.18

NEW YORK, NY –  NYT Critics have published their review of the documentary, United Skates.  Let’s take a look:  United Skates Documentary NYT Review

New Party Announcement

The Smooth Groove Skate Experience
POSTED 11.27.18

CHICAGO, IL/DALLAS, TX –  The Smooth Groove Skater’s Association would like to offer you two skate experiences; the Chicago and Dallas Edition.  May 17-18, 2019, enjoy the Chicago experience at Coachlite Roller Skating Center in Roselle, IL.  The event starts at 11:00 PM and goes until 2:00 AM.  Then, head to Texas for the Dallas Edition, September 20-21, and get your roll on in at Southern Skates Roller Rink from 10:00 PM until 1:00 AM.  For more information, visit the website at
Smooth Groove Skate Experience

9th Annual Skate For Life
POSTED 11.15.18

COLUMBUS, OH –  Skaters!  Unite in health and giving to those in need at the 9th Annual Skate for Life, Autism Awareness Skate Jam, April 13, 2019.  Start the day with a retreat at Turnberry Shelterhouse from 4:00 PM until 9:00 PM featuring DJ Narsistic.  Entry is free and there will be an open bar.  Then from midnight until 5:00 AM, roll at United Skates from midnight until 5:00 AM at USA East on Refugee.  This event is for skaters 18 and older.  Music will be provided by DJ Keifer B and DJ Jay Biz.
9th Annual Skate for Life

Skate and Cruise with Shay and Wayne
POSTED 11.15.18

ROYAL CARIBBEAN –  Shay and Wayne of the Motown Navigators is hosting a Skate and Cruise, June 1-6, 2019 aboard Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas.  The cruise departs the Cape Liberty, NJ port and cruises to King’s Wharf Bermuda for an overnight stay.  A $250 deposit is due ASAP.  Final payment is due February 8, 2019.  Cabins are based on double occupancy.
Skate and Cruise 2019

14th Annual Icy Hot Skate Jam
POSTED 10.28.18

COLUMBUS, OH – Bounce, Skate, Bounce, Roll in the C-O at the 14th Annual Icy Hot Skate Jam!  Four Fabulous DJ’s are on the line up including DJ Narsistic, DJ Hop, DJ Keifer B and DJ Derek.  January 31 through February 2, Skate Zone 71 will raise the temperature outside because the skaters will be burning up the floor for three nights.  Start your roll on Thursday night with the warm up.  Half price admission for out-of-town skaters.  Friday, Bowl N’ Roll at Capri Lanes followed by the Friday Night Bounce Mixer.  Saturday turn up the heat another notch at the Hot Spot Dance Party with DJ Hop and DJ Derek.  Saturday night is the main event starting at 11:59 PM.  Make sure you get your advance tickets for the main event at the Meet and Greet or get to the rink before 2:00 AM for admission rates will increase significantly.  For those that won’t get enough roll, stay over Sunday night for the overflow session from 8:00 PM until Midnight.  Make your hotel reservations now because rooms will go fast. 
Icy Hot Skate Jam

8th Annual Sk8Cation
POSTED 10.21.18

PHOENIX, AZ –  Escape the cold in January by taking a Sk8cation in the Valley of the Sun.  January 11-13, 2019, the Toe Stoppaz are hosting their 8th Annual Sk8cation!  The DJ lineup includes DJ Joe Bowen, DJ Fly Ty, DJ Wild Child, DJ Selectah Slam and DJ Spin.  Friday get your “Tickets and Chill” at Burger Theory adjacent to the host hotel.  It will be a party before the party with food, drinks and a good time is on the menu as well.  Friday night is Camo Night, come dressed in your favorite camouflage outfit as you roll with DJ Joe Bowen.   Saturday is the bowling party at the Takeover Pt. 7 at Let It Roll Bowl.  Saturday night is the main event and you are invited to come and Rep Your City and roll with DJ Fly Ty and DJ Wildchild.  Sunday, Eat and Play at Dave and Buster’s in Tempe.  No skate rentals available the entire weekend.  Sunday, end the festivities at Neon Glow Night with Selectah Slam and DJ Spin.  Wear your neon fluorescent clothing and glow-in-the-dark accessories for an experience like no other.  Visit to purchase pre-sale tickets.
8th Annual Sk8cation

Rink News

Rich City Skate – Awaken the dream
POSTED 10.30.18

CHICAGO, IL - If you are a skater and skating has been a big influence in your life or the life of someone you know, then perhaps you will be one of the people who will contribute to the rebirth of a Community Institution, Rich City Skate.  

In the early morning hours of July 31, 2016, amid buckets of tears and with the heaviest of hearts, the doors of a powerful dream, Rich City Skate, was closed.   Property taxes ballooned up to $96,000.00, so after ten years and well over a million dollars invested into The Dream, and with all funds including retirement money exhausted, the doors were closed. 

Fast forward... Rich City was a place where children and adults could find refuge from the mean streets. It was neutral territory that would allow all who entered to remove their armor, to laugh and smile, to shake hands and relax.  It was a safe place where children could once again be children, just like the good old days and from sun up to sun down, Rich City welcomed children and adults and literally saved lives, one child and person at a time. 

Today, two years later, and with a crime rate that is rising, Rich City Skate is still closed and wasting away, being ravaged by Mother Nature and her elements.  The building could not be sold because God had other plans, and with the help of good people like you, we can Revive-The-Dream.  

The "UNITED SKATES" DOCUMENTARY, a film by Dyana Winkler & Tina Brown along with Executive Producer, John Legend and the outpouring of citizens and skaters has generated a renewed energy and motivation, globally.  The Rich City story is featured in this award-winning documentary and describes the importance of preserving the legacy and providing a protected, safe space for vulnerable communities.  People are always asking to bring Rich City back, so if you believe that Rich City should be reopened, we are asking YOU and good people EVERYWHERE to help open the doors and Revive-The-Dream.  Any contribution would not be too small.    

The first goal is to raise $50,000 which will be used to start the remodeling process at Rich City.  To clean out and repair the damage that's been done to the 25,000 sq. ft. building as soon as possible.  We will keep you abreast of our progress, provide transparency and show you through pictures and videos, the results of this earth-shaking and earth-breaking movement.  A donation of $100.00 or more will reserve your name on the walls of Rich City.  Again, any contribution would not be too small.


Let’s see if we are able to band together to preserve a piece of an American culture and tradition that is in jeopardy of disappearing into extinction, and to provide a safe space for us to be.  We can improve our community.  We can make a difference, and we can save our youth, but the re-opening of Rich City will depend on the generosity of people like you.  

"We must believe in something.  Even if it means sacrificing everything"!  
PLEASE Join The Movement -  PLEASE Help - Let's Go To Work !!


January 11-13, Phoenix, AZ
8th Annual Sk8cation

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Super Roll Weekend
July 12-13, 2019

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Weekly Jamz
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On the Big Screen

United Skates Documentary

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8 Wheels Promo from Tyrone on Vimeo.

8 Wheels and Some Soul Brotha Music - Streaming Now!
POSTED 10.3.18

LOS ANGELES, CA –  October is National Roller Skating month.  Celebrate by owning a piece of our style skate national style skate history. For the older generation, go back and relive some of the great moments of our skate family.  For the newer generation, take a look at some of the things that happened before you hit the scene. 

Take this moment to add Tyrone Dixon’s Eight Wheels and Some Soul Brotha Music to your style skate DVD collection. ATL, Roll Bounce and then in the future you may be able to add the United States documentary.  If you missed getting your copy of Eight Wheels and Some Soul Brotha Music, now is the time to do it while supplies last.

Eight Wheels and Some Soul Brotha Music is streaming now on iTunes and Amazon.  The Collector DVD is available at

Prayer Corner

Prayer Corner


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Dec 10 - Kim Moore, Philly
Dec 10 – David Pippen, Alanta, GA
Dec 12 – Khalilah “KY” Yasmin, NE
Dec 13 - Preschuz, Washington, DC
Dec 14 – Nicole Rice, Toledo, OH
Dec 14 – Wontaz “White Boy” Wallace, KY
Dec 14 – Latasha Tolbert-White, KY
Dec 15 - Darren Skinner, NSC Freestyle Rollers, N.C.
Dec 16 – DJ Keifer Bass, Dayton, OH
Dec 18 – Ronald Jones, Kansas City, MO
Dec 22 – Keona Edwards, Future NJ Skate 22 skater turning 9
Dec 24 – Stacy aka “Baby Stace”, Cincinnnati, OH
Dec 24 - Tonio aka Show-Off, Las Vegas, NV
Dec 25 - Alisa "Bam Bam" Bailey, Milwaukee, WI
Dec 26 – Demetrius Anthony, Wilmington, DE
Dec 27 – Caring Stewart, Columbus, OH
Dec 28 – AK Role Model, Dayton, OH
Dec 30 – Darnell Bailey, NSC Freestyle Rollers, N.C.
Dec 30 - Rachael "SK8 Rebel", Cleveland, OH
Dec 31 - Michelle Porter, Chicago, IL

Jan 1 - Channa Goodlow, JBX, Chicago, IL
Jan 1 - Mary Chase, Master Rollers, VA
Jan 3 - Nichole Riley, Baad Girlz, Wilmington, DE
Jan 3 - Marc Gantt, Detroit, MI
Jan 4 - Audrey aka "Black Diamond", Philly, PA bwo NC
Jan 4 - Smooth aka Ed Mothershed, Chicago, IL
Jan 4 - Johnita “MzDyamond"
Jan 4 – Leon How, Orlando, FL
Jan 5 - Geanine Talley, Columbus, OH
Jan 6 - Kenny Ferguson, Flint, MI
Jan 6 - Jamelle Fair (Mil-town Rollers, Skaters R Us), Milwaukee, WI
Jan 6 - Cedrick "Dub Step", Fam Affair, Florida
Jan 7 - Michael Brown, Skate Executive Productions, Kansas City, MO
Jan 7 - Gail Green aka Gigi-- Sk8 22/BBrook--Newark, NJ (bwo) NC
Jan 8 - Richard 64sk8er Hunter, Texarkana
Jan 9 - Derek Lee, Columbus, OH
Jan 9 - Sky Mike Pope, Cleveland, OH
Jan 11 - Rob "Sho" Crosby, Richmond, VA
Jan 11 - Eric "DJ E Man" Christon, Chicago, IL
Jan 11 - JoVaughn C' Brown, Detroit, MI
Jan 12 - Josephine Bynum, Washington, D.C.
Jan 17 - Rob "Showtime" Hunter, Cincinnati, OH
Jan 19 - James "Dr. Soul" Cooper, Dogg Pound Skate Crew, Huntsville, AL
Jan 24 - Terry Connors, Nashville, TN
Jan 25 – Roberta Blondi Lee, Pittsburgh, PA
Jan 27 - Temica Gordon, Washington, DC
Jan 27 – L. David Stewart aka NIZM, Suicide Kings, Chicago, IL
Jan 28 - Brendella Reddock, Huntsville, AL
Jan 28 – Von, Chicago, IL
Jan 28 – Ami French, Toledo, OH
Jan 31 – La’Mone aka “Poetry n Motion”, Naptown Real Rollers, Indianapolis, IN

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