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8 Wheels and Some Soul Brotha Music

New Party Announcement

5th Annual Miami Skate Party
POSTED 10.11.18

MIAMI, FL –  TMemorial Day Weekend 2019, make a getaway to Miami and roll with the South Florida Ryders at the 5th Annual Miami Skate Party, May 24-26.  May 24, Meet and Greet at Café Iguana from 6 PM – 9 PM.  Friday night, roll from midnight until 5 AM with DJ Fanatic and DJ Joe Bowen.  Saturday from 12 to 6 PM do your thing on the beach at the South Beach Skate.  Saturday night is the main event from 10 PM until 2:00 AM with DJs Bowen, Fanatic and Smooth.  Make your reservations at Marriott Springhill Suites in Ft. Lauderdale.
Miami Skate Party Memorial Weekend 2019

10th Annual Houston Rolling Roundup All White Masquerade Ball Sk8 Jam
POSTED 10.11.18

HOUSTON, TX –  The Houston Rolling Roundup has hit the 10 year mark!  Come and celebrate February 15-17, 2019 where there will be lots of fun and excitement in H-Town.  Check in early on Friday and walk the Red Carpet at the Masquerade Ball.  Wear all white and don’t forget your mask.   At the stroke of midnight, your ballroom shoes will turn into a pair of skates as you magically appear at Fun City Sk8 for the weekend kickoff.  Saturday, Wild-N-Out at the cookout at Taylor’s.  Bring your bull riding game and challenge the mechanical bull.  There will also be dancing, basketball and vendors.  That night, wear your neon for the main event, “The Glow Party” at Fun City Sk8 from midnight until 5:00 AM hosted by Top Notch Rollers.  Sunday, there will be a brunch mix and mingle at Tom Bass Park.  Enjoy some Sunday grub with the skate Family. Then hang out after your skate hangover one more night for the Sunday Smasher with DJ Arson.  Book your room at the Doubletree Houston Hobby Airport under “National Skate Jam”.  You will definitely need a place to rest for this one.
Houston Rolling Roundup 2019

Skating Out Lupus
POSTED 10.10.18

FRANKLINVILLE, NJ –  Skate and raise money at the same time for a good cause.  Saturday, October 27, join Lady B and DJ Corey DST at Sk8 47 in Franklinville where you can donate and roll to Skate Out Lupus.  This chronic autoimmune disease affects mostly women, many being of color, and African American women are three times more likely to be stricken by the disease.  It is quite brutal leaving nothing but pain and life altering results.  Do something good for your sisters and mark your calendar for this event.  Admission is $15 including Skate Rental.  All proceeds will benefit the Lupus Foundation of America.
Skating out Lupus

Rolling N Black Skate Affair
POSTED 10.6.18

RALEIGH, NC –  Saturday, November 10, wear your black skate attire to the 5th Annual Rolling “N’ Black Skate Affair.  Music will be provided by DJ Smooth and DJ K-Digga.  The party starts at 11:00 PM and goes until 4:00 AM at United Skates of America, Trawick Road in Raleigh. 
Rolling N Black Skate Affair

Skate Commentary

A Commentary on the United Skates Documentary
by Desi
POSTED 10.3.18

Los Angeles Film Festival USD

LOS ANGELES, CA - This past weekend, I had an opportunity to attend the screening of the United Skates Documentary.  I discovered there are two ways to view this film:  1) as a skater and 2) as an American.  If you are African American or member of another underrepresented group that has be privy to the unjust hand of racism and discrimination, you will have an even more conscious viewing experience. I learned some things about the skate industry that I was not quite aware of but it also took me back to some of the unpleasant experiences I have encountered in this sector, as recently as 2015. There is a strong message that should be taken away from this film, a message that should motivate you to take action.    Roller Skating rinks are closing at an alarming rate.  I bet as you are receiving this information, you can name at least five rinks that have closed in your lifetime.  For me, Skateland and Rollerworld Bus Stop (Dayton, OH), Elsmere/Adrenaline (Wilmington, DE), Almeda (Houston, TX), Empire (Brooklyn, NY) and I could go on. 

Let’s look at the worst case scenario, if all rinks nationwide closed, where would we go to release stress and get exercise what would we do?  What would be our getaway from the everyday stresses of life?  Where would we host national events?

The nationwide style skate community has been blessed over the past 20 years to have films produced that showcases what we do in different ways:  8 Wheels and Some Soul Brotha Music, Roll Bounce, ATL, and now the United Skates documentary.  Let’s talk about 8 Wheels.  This documentary focused on the injustices that we as skaters have been subjected to just because we want to be free to exercise our right to personal and joyful recreation.  Early scenes in Roll Bounce featured a neighborhood rink that closed in an area that was accessible to minorities.  The easiest way to make it hard for someone to have something is to remove it from reach. 

Everyone wants positive change but many do not take the time or put in effort to make that change.  The only way to make change is to take action but this action must be strategic and effective.  Conversations need to occur. Agreements need to take place.  Support for one another should be the main goal.

In closing,

  1. Take an opportunity to see the United Skates documentary and watch it as an American.  Step out of the “skate zone” and receive the message that is being put before you.
  1. Register to vote if you are not registered. Exercise your right to vote if you are registered by going to the polls, not just for the presidential election but EACH AND EVERY ELECTION.  They all count.
  2. Educate yourself on what is happening with political issues in your hometown and determine when and where you enter the conversation to take action.

Meanwhile, the skate community has done an excellent job with the Screening Sellout Challenge, filling each documentary screening to capacity.  Your support is very much appreciated. #unitedskatesdoc



October 19-20, Dallas, TX
The 2018 Smooth Groove Skate Experience:
Texas Edition

October 27, Cleveland, OH
Creep and Roll 2018

October 27, Franklinville, NJ
Skating Out Lupus

November 2-3, St. Louis, MO
Fall Roll Fest

November 9-11, Los Angeles, CA
Cali Slide 8

November 10, Raleigh, NC
Rolling 'N Black: 5th Annual Sk8 Party

November 17, Pittsburgh, PA
Bridging the Gap

Weekly & Monthly Jamz

Weekly Jamz
GA: Sparkles Smyrna


Smooth Groove Skate Experience

DALLAS, TX  –Make plans the join the Smooth Groove Skaters Association at the Smooth Groove Skate Experience.  The Texas Edition will roll out in Dallas, TX, October 19-20.  Visit the website for additional details.


8 Wheels Promo from Tyrone on Vimeo.

8 Wheels and Some Soul Brotha Music - Streaming Now!
POSTED 10.3.18

LOS ANGELES, CA –  October is National Roller Skating month.  Celebrate by owning a piece of our style skate national style skate history. For the older generation, go back and relive some of the great moments of our skate family.  For the newer generation, take a look at some of the things that happened before you hit the scene. 

Take this moment to add Tyrone Dixon’s Eight Wheels and Some Soul Brotha Music to your style skate DVD collection. ATL, Roll Bounce and then in the future you may be able to add the United States documentary.  If you missed getting your copy of Eight Wheels and Some Soul Brotha Music, now is the time to do it while supplies last.

Eight Wheels and Some Soul Brotha Music is streaming now on iTunes and Amazon.  The Collector DVD is available at

Prayer Corner

Prayer Corner


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Oct 8 - Latoya "jazzy tee" Mason from Memphis, TN
Oct 9 - Michael Stokes aka Slide, ATL bwo Glass City Toledo
Oct 10 – CoCoa, Butterflys-N-Unity, DC/MD
Oct 11 - Cheron Henderson, Detroit, MI
Oct 16 - Eugene, Temple Hills Skating Center
Oct 17 - Jules DeShazor Thomas, Philly, PA (Big 3-0!)
Oct 17 – “Pretty Nikki”, Jacksonville, FL
Oct 18 - Everett Mims, Brooklyn, NY
Oct 19 – Blue Jay, Elite Squad, Cleveland, OH
Oct 21 - Cedrick "Ceddy Bear" Harrell - Detroit, MI
Oct 24 - Kaylene "K-Dot" Miller, Toledo, OH

Oct 9, 2009 - Stacey "Mrs. RollinDiva" & Neal "Freaky Deaky" Artis 9 yrs

Oct 21, 2005 - Angela Simmons- Hill (Pooh) and Luther (YounggunLou) Hill of Louisville, KY will be celebrating 12 years of marriage.

Nov 2 - Michelle "Bright-Eyes" Harper, RWOM, Memphis, TN
Nov 2 - Racquel Ms. Peaches-(VaSkateConn.), Norfolk, VA
Nov 4 - Marilyn Moore, Silver and Gold, Unlimited
Nov 7 - William (Quietstorm b.k.a. E-Tap) Tapley, Lebanon, TN
Nov 10 - "The Sk8 Dr." Damon Garrett
Nov 10  - Donna Miller, Roosevelt, NY
Nov 10 - Pepzi, C-Land Freestylers, Cleveland, OH
Nov 11 - Ice from Philly
Nov 11 - Lady CeCe, NY
Nov 13 – Freelo, Butterflys-N-Unity, DC/MD
Nov 18 - Donny K, DNice Entertainment, TX bwo MI/Chi
Nov 18 - Carey Hairston
Nov 19 - Mr. Lee Knowz, Skate 22, NJ
Nov 20 - Treva "1st Lady" Backus / JB Inc., Little Rock, AR
Nov 20 – Brian “One Time” Dickerson, Pearlers of Distinction, President, Columbus, OH
Nov 21 - Ricky "9th wonder" Cager / JB Bootcamp, Baltimore, MD
Nov 21 - Devine Clayton, ATL bwo Philly
Nov 23 - Amanda Christy, ATL
Nov 24 – Baby, Butterflys-N-Unity, DC/MD
Nov 25 – Quintin “Lil Daddy” Collins, Texarkana, AR
Nov 27 - Tiffany "Youngin" Warfield, Low Riderz, Baltimore, MD
Nov 28 – Nino, Butterflys-N-Unity, DC/MD

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