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Newz Updated: Monday, May 25, 2020

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Corona Update:
Lone Star Skate Jam (TX)
GreatSkateShow (OH)
SkateLove Barcelona (SPAIN)
all postponed or canceled until further notice

Desi's Desk

Skate Outta Quarantine
POSTED 5.24.20

USA - Skating is what we love to do.  It relieves stress, it is our choice of exercise, and it plays a significant role in our lives.  COVID-19 was unexpected and unwelcomed.  This invisible biological threat has taken away so much from us and has changed our lives forever.  Being able to skate again will give us some sense of normalcy but we still must proceed with caution.  As rinks are beginning to reopen, new practices have been put in place for our safety but those alone will not save us.  Nothing will save us until we either have a vaccine or the virus is eradicated, neither of which is not in the near future.  Therefore, we must continue to wear our masks, wash our hands frequently and social distance.  Wearing masks may be difficult while skating as free-flowing oxygen will be inhibited.  Social Distancing will be a challenge as we will want to skate exhibiting our beloved styles, many of which require touch or embrace. I have heard the stories of many people in our dance communities of have died because of their strong desire to pursue their passion.  I hope there will not be a day when we have large numbers of skaters falling ill to COVID. 

Check your local rink as many are requiring advance ticket purchase prior to arrival in order to keep the number of patrons down to the limit allowed by law.  If you, decide to skate during the early days of reopening, please be careful, stay safe and get your roll on.


On the Flat Screen

Skate Dreams: A Rollerskating Documentary
POSTED 5.2.20

Roller Dreams

LOS ANGELES, CA – Check out Roller Dreams (2017) on HULU.  Sun, sand and skates is the way of life for skaters of all races but particularly for those of color at Venice Beach in Los Angeles, CA.  Watch a typical day for these skate enthusiasts as they spend their day being creative, having fun and entertaining crowds.  But all is not at peace as you would think at the public beach.

NOW SHOWING FREE: United Skates Documentary
POSTED 4.15.20

United Skates Documentary

REPOST: PHELICIA WRIGHT  – What an honor! HBO has selected 39 films to share for FREE during these hard, isolated times... and United Skates is one of them. So if you or those you know couldn’t watch it before now, this is your chance!…/hbo-free-shows-movies-coronavirus

You can view United Skates using the apps HBO Now, HBO GO or HULU under the HBO Unlocked feature.
#stayhome #staysafe #staystrong#unitedskatesdoc

GreatSkateShow - Canceled until 2021
POSTED 5.14.20


CLEVELAND, OH - The Rollinbuckeyez would like to thank each and every one of you for your unconditional support over the years. We have continued to do our best at hosting events that bring the community together. Well the current COVD19 epidemic doesn't help our cause at all.

Although there are signs that things are going in the right direction. At what point are we willing to take risk I'm personally on the fence and feel as though I don't want to panic and hold out with canceling of events.

For a long time we will all be put in a situation where we want to get back to normal. At what point are we going to feel safe around 25, 50, let alone 100 people or more at cookouts, on boat rides and at skate parties?

With that being said, it saddens me to have to CANCEL this year's GREATESTSKATESHOW. There are just too many uncertainties that lie between now and August. 
Although things won't be as we are used to for some time, hopefully this time next year there will be some reminiscing. Some will understand and some will not. I will remain diligent with my decision because I care about the well-being of my family as well as yours.
You have supported us for over 10 years now. Watch us continue to grow. We will remain active in the community and plan on a much higher level as we move forward.
We look forward to seeing you in 2021!

Humbly submitted, 
Kenneth Perdue 

Lonestar Skate 2020
POSTED 4.4.20


We have evaluated the current state of affairs regarding Covid-19 and it’s impact on society and disruption of events.  It’s apparent to the coordinators of the Lone Star Skate Jam that the uncertainty of the current environment and our concerns for the health and wellness of our love of our skate family, that it’s in the best interest to reschedule the 2020 Lone Star Skate Jam event.  Regrettably, while we recognize that an amazing weekend of skate fun and fellowship was in the mix, we felt it best to postpone our event until June of 2021.

We appreciate your intent to support our event and your understanding.

We will immediately begin to work on plans and for next years event. Until this Corona virus has tempered, we’ll see you next on the skate floor. In the meantime, please continue to keep yourself and your love ones safe.

Many Blessings,
Megan Manuel

New Party Announcement
11th Annual Roll for Soul
UPDATED 4.14.20

INDIANAPOLIS, IN  – Happening in July, it’s the 11th Annual Roll For Soul “Red Light Special”.  The Naptown Real Rollers have four days of activities planned for you starting Thursday, July 30 with an R&B Skate session.  Friday it’s the Players Ball so dress to impress.  Friday night, skate from 10:00 PM until 3:00 AM.   Saturday afternoon there will be a Beach Madness Meet and Greet followed by skate sessions Saturday night and Sunday. Book your room at Home 2 Suites by Hilton Bloomington at the Naptown Real Rollers rate.

If you booked your room before April you will need to rebook your room due to the changing of hotels due to unforeseen circumstances. Also, THE PRICE HAS BEEN LOWER TO $99/per night. Contact the Naptown Real Rollers if you have questions concerning the hotel change.
11th Annual Roll for Soul

Super Roll Weekend 2020
POSTED 3.5.20

SACRAMENTO, CA  –  Mark your calendar for Cali in July!  July 10-11, 2020, Main-Stream and California Skate-Line are bringing you the Super Roll Weekend.  Friday’s Mix and Mingle will be at the host hotel from 5:00 PM until 9:00 PM.  Later that evening is Super Roll Friday at Roller King in Roseville.  Saturday there will be a cookout with food, dancing and games from 1:00 PM until 6:00 at Hillsborough Park.  Roll again Super Roll Saturday with DJ Wild Child.  This weekend also includes a Super Roll Workshop led by Sk8Line Rick and Leo of St. Louis.  Get your discounted lodging rate now under the “Caliskateline” block.
Super Roll Weekend


June 12-15, Dallas, TX
Lone Star Skate Jam - CANCELED

Aug 14-16, Cleveland, OH
GreatSkateShow - CANCELED

Sep17-20, Barcelona, SPAIN
Skate Love Barcelona - CANCELED


JBX Reunion: The Return of JBX
Rescheduled to September 25-26, 2020

Southern Roll - Memphis in May
Rescheduled to October 30 - November 1, 2020


During this unprecedented time of turmoil in this country and around the world, SkateGroove will try to keep you up-to-date on events that have been canceled or postponed due to the Corona virus. Updates will be provided as they are received.

Prayer Corner

Prayer Corner

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May 18 - Delores Donald, NSC Freestyle Rollers
May 19 - Michael Moss, Skateology, Columbus, OH
May 19 - Miss Cookie, DC/MDC
May 20 - Tanisha Davidson, Master Rollers, DC/MD
May 20 - Stich, Ruff Rollerz, DC/MD
May 21 - Jeanette J.L Littlejohn, Indianapolis, IN
May 21 –Milo,  NYC BX /Louisville, KY
May 23 - Ebony Hood VA Skate Connection, Hampton, VA
May 23 - Brandi "Fancy" Christia, Richmond, VA
May 24 - Marcial Wiggins, aka Mouse, Diamond State Rollers, Wilmington, DE
May 28 - Shawn Lo-Key Lawhorn, Skateology, Columbus, OH
May 31 - Marsha Cepeda "Heaven on Wheels", North Jersey
May 31 - Khannie Butler, The Scenario, Philly, PA
May 31 - Chel SoChic Mason, Jacksonville, FL

Jun 5 - Charles Dendy, NSC Freestyle Rollers
Jun 5 - Kekoa Edwards, Burlington, NJ
Jun 5 – Alisha Craigen, Icy Rock, Waukegan, IL
Jun 6 – Linda Taylor, Kennesaw, GA
Jun 6 – Katrina December, Suitland, MD
Jun 7 - Charles Edwards, Burlington, NJ Skate 22
Jun 8 - Montrell Pointer “StayFresh” One Wheel Motion Nashville, TN
Jun 8 - Sydnee Wade, Houston, TX
Jun 9 - Rita RahRah Louise, KC, MO
Jun 12 - Al Foreman aka "2Smooth", Minneapolis, MN
Jun 14 - Jeron Land, The Rock Star,, Atlanta, GA
Jun 14 - DeWayne Goodlow, JBXperience, Chicago, IL
Jun 15 - Brian Mullins, Columbus, OH
Jun 15 - Hezekiah Barnette, NSC Freestyle Rollers, Sk8 Xpressions (3/4 Muslim)
Jun 15 – Essie Desamours, Atlanta, GA
Jun 16 - Pam Burns, ATL Skater, Atlanta, GA
Jun 16 – Raw Talent aka Chantel, Cleveland, OH
Jun 20 - Phyllis Jones, Atlanta, GA
Jun 21 - Tamecka “Mecka” Yancey of Mil-Town Rollers of Milwaukee, WI
Jun 26 - Rickey Davis AKA Tip Toe, Houston Texas, SpaceCity Rollers
Jun 28 - Shaquana Verne, Phase V, Camden, NJ
Jun 28 – DJ Mike Music, Atlanta, GA
Jun 28 - Lavette, Empire Roller Rink, Brooklyn, NY
Jun 29 - Desi,, Phoenix, AZ
Jun 29 – Janie Cosby, Virginia

Jun 3 - Dee and Denise Knowles, Nashville, TN Celebrating 14 years of marriage
Jun 7 – Charles and Kiyomi Edwards, 17 years of marriage
Jun 24 - Phil & Rose Bean, Towson, Dynasty Sk8 Club 26 years of marriage

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