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Newz Updated: Wednesday, February 19, 2020

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New Party Announcement

11th Annual Inferno: Throwback Edition
POSTED 2.17.20

ORLANDO, FL  –  Travel back in time through 3 decades in one hot weekend at Astro Skate Center.  The Inferno Skate Jam, Throwback Edition, is happening in Orlando, June 19-21, 2020.  Friday it’s the 70’s Disco Night, wear the Fros, Bell Bottoms and fish heels.  Saturday, cool off and at the cookout and pool party.  Saturday night, travel ahead to the 80’s and 90’s with he neon gear, big hair, Adidas outfits and denim jumpers.  Sunday starts with the City Walk at noon followed by a night of rolling and repping your old Skate Crew.  Make sure to get your tickets in advance for there will be no tickets sold after the cut off.
11th Annual Inferno Throwback Edition

Rolling in the Carolinas
POSTED 2.10.20

CHARLOTTE, NC  –  If you haven’t booked your room at this point, I hope it is not too late!  Rolling in the Carolinas will be here soon and the NSC Freestyle Rollers would like to invite you to come and roll March 19-23.  There will be three nights of skating along with a Meet and Greet, Day Party and the always popular, Fish Fry.  A host hotel and an overflow hotel have been designated as the official hotels for the event.
Rolling in the Carolinas

One Night Affair on the Road
POSTED 2.8.20

CHARLOTTE, NC  –  Joi, The Queen of the South, and VA Legendary Ms. Angie are taking the affair on the road.  Meet them at Kate’s Skating rink in Gastonia for the One Night Affair Regional Skate Event.  Saturday, June 27, roll to the music of DJ Big Bob and DJ D-Smooth from 9:30 PM until 1:30 Am.  Admission is $13.  Skaters must be 18 or older to attend.
One Night Affair on the Road

Low Riderz Sk8 Club 12 Anniversary Skate Jam Weekend
POSTED 2.3.20

BALTIMORE, MD  – With three hot skate DJs the rink will be ablaze at the skate jam celebrating the 12th anniversary of the Low Riderz Sk8 Club.  April 24-25, celebrate and snap all weekend long with DJ Ms Classy of B-More, DJ Narsistic from the C-O and DJ Wildchild of H-Town.  Friday, April 24, Meet and Greet at The Game Sports Bar before the Kick Off Skate Party that starts at midnight.  Saturday is the Meet and Greet Part 2 at the Horse Shoe Casino, Guy Fieri’s Baltimore Kitchen for the 21 and older crowd.  The main event starts Saturday night into Sunday starting at midnight at Shake and Bake.  Advance admission each night is $12, more at the door.  A free buffet will be available.
Low Riders 12th Anniversary Skate Jam Weekend

Skate for Life: Asthma Awareness
POSTED 2.3.20

COLUMBUS, OH  – April 25, 2020, participate in a charitable skate for a great cause.  Skate For Life is hosting its 10th Annual event, united in health and giving to those in need for Asthma Awareness.  Starting at 4:00 PM until 9:00 PM, join the party at XO Night club on E. Long Street.  Vibes will be put on by Lovedragon 500.  Admission is free but guests must be 21 or older.  Then starting at midnight, strap on your skates at Unites Skates of America East on Refugee and roll with DJ Jigg and DJ Technical.  Admission is $13 and skaters must be 18 or older.  Proceeds will be donated to the American Lung Association.
Skate for Life Asthma Awareness

Battle of the Sexes
POSTED 1.28.20

ATLANTA, GA  – In celebration of their 10th Anniversary, Skates Out is hosting a Battle of the Sexes skate event.  Saturday, March 28 from 11:30 PM until 3:00 am.  The DJ lineup includes DJ l3AK, DJ T Smoooth and DJ Tootz.  Admission is $10 per person with Skate Rental.  Skaters must be 18 or older to enter.
Battle of the Sexes

25th Annual Super Skating Extravaganza!
POSTED 1.22.20

ST. LOUIS, MO  –  25 YEARS! 25 YEARS!  The St. Louis Skills on Wheels skate club is hosting their 25th Annual Super Skating Extravaganza, April 24th through April 26, 2020.  Friday, start and end the day with two rolls:  The Breakfast Skate Crew Roll starting at 9:00 AM at Skate King and the Late Night roll stating at 11:00 PM at Coachlight. Saturday, there will be a triple treat with a skate workshop, Meet and Greet and the Main Event featuring DJ Joe Bowen of Chicago. Sunday, wrap up the weekend at the Grand Finale Junior Skills on wheels Skate Competition at Skateway Roller Rink.  All Ages are welcome.  Participants must be 18 or under to compete for prizes trophies, best individual and couple skaters.
25th Annual Super Skating Extravaganza

2nd Annual Curvy Roll 2020
POSTED 1.6.20

CLEVELAND, OH  –  Attention all Curvy Ladies and those who like to roll.  Come out to United Skates on March 13 and skate at the 2nd Annual Curvy Roll on Saturday, March 13, 2020.  The event starts at 11:00 PM and goes until 3:00 AM.  Admission is $12 and skaters must be 18 or older to attend.  Vendor tables are available.
Curvy Roll 2020

In the News

The REAL-ID Act: What it is and how it will effect you as a skate traveler
POSTED 1.12.20

PHOENIX, AZ  –  The Department of Homeland Security has made it official where beginning October 1, 2020, every traveler will need to be REAL ID-compliant to travel within the United States or abroad, even if you have TSA Pre Check.  What does this mean?  Tightened security measures have been put in place to screen domestic travelers.  This is an additional layer of security that you will need to be able to board a plane.  REAL ID is obtained and presented through your government issued driver’s license.  If you plan to travel by air, you will need to visit your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles to get a new license. 

Before you go, check online to see what kind of documents and fees are required by your state to receive your ID. 

If you have not yet obtained your REAL-ID, you have less than 10 months.  The longer you wait, the more likely you may have to wait I long lines or have to delay your planned skate travel that will occur after October 1.

For more information for the requirements of your state and frequently asked questions, visit or

Skate Session

Adult Wednesdays with B-Dash
POSTED 1.25.20

PHOENIX, AZ  –  Hey Phoenix!  Want to get one last good roll in before Ska8Cation!  Head to Glendale for the Adult Skate Wednesday’s featuring DJ B Dash of Chi-Town.  It’s happening every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.  The next session is Wednesday, February 12.
Adult Skate Wednesdays with B Dash


Next on the Calendar

Feb 27, Charlotte, NC
DJ Cleve's Old School Skate Party
CIAA Tournament Weekend

Feb 28-Mar 1, Atlanta, GA
13th Annual Jivebiscuit Family Reunion

Mar 13, Cleveland, OH
2nd Annual Curvy Roll 2020 #SLOWWALKNATION

March 19-23, Charlotte, NC
Rolling in the Carolinas


July 10-11, Sacramento, CA
Cali in July - Super Roll Weekend

CIAA Old School Skate Party 2020

CHARLOTTE, NC  – The 75th annual CIAA Tournament will hit Charlotte February 2020.  Join the festivities with a roll at DJ Cleve’s Old School Skate Party Finale.  This party includes a Mid-Night Breakfast and celebrity Guest Chubb Rock!  It’s going down at Kate’s Skating Rink in Indian Trail, Thursday, February 27.  Guests must be 21 or older to attend.  Advanced tickets can be purchased online.  See ad for details.

13th Annual Jivebiscuit Family Reunion

ATLANTA, GA  –  It’s the skate family reunion of the year!  Jivebiscuit is hosting the 13th Annual Family Reunion Skate Jam.  Three nights of skating and four DJs:  DJ Arson, DJ Killer B, DJ Joe Bowen and DJ CJ – The Prince of JB will be spinning all weekend long while you get your roll on in the “A”.  Friday, February 28, Roll with DJ Arson wearing your favorite Team Jersey or Arson shirt at Sparkles.  Saturday, stride at Golden Glide with DJ Brian and DJ CJ and rep your crew.  Sunday, March 1, roll with DJ Joe Bowen wearing your favorite Jivebiscuit shirt.  Vendor spots are available.  Contact Tristina Allen for information.

Skate Lessons

Skates' Out Youth and Adult Lessons at Sparkles Smyrna

POSTED 12.8.19

ATLANTA, GA  –  Looking for skate lessons for yourself or your children?  Skates’ Out is offering a monthly skating course that focus on foot techniques, rhythm, body coordination, control and balance.  Great for both youth, teens and adults.  Enroll online or get details for more information.

Prayer Corner

Prayer Corner

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Feb 15 – DJ Hop, Columbus, OH
Feb 15 – Laneisha Beasley, Louisville, KY
Feb 15 – Rod Edison, Naptown bwo AZ
Feb 15 – Felicia Ara-Rated Upshaw, Chicago, IL
Feb 15 – Dionne Stallworth, Lil’Dynamite, Atlanta, GA
Feb 17 – Keith Wildstyle Paschall, Indianapolis, IN
Feb 17 - Caprina “Capri-Sun” skater in Dallas, TX
Feb 17 - Kimberly Battle, iSk8Club, Raleigh/Durham, NC
Feb 17 – DJ Fly Ty, NJ
Feb 19 – DJ Arson, NYC
Feb 19 – Shermon Sanders, Louisville, KY
Feb 19 - Bigman Vaughan, Richmond, VA
Feb 21 - Chris Jones, VA
Feb 21 – Sonya Taylor, Columbus, OH
Feb 22 - Stephanie "Lil Bitt" Goode, Cleveland, OH
Feb 22 - Rose Marie, Atlanta, GA bwo Harrisburg, PA  
Feb 23 - Kay Head, Chicago, IL
Feb 23 – Meme Warren, ATL/Nashville
Feb 24 – Dillon Volk, Columbus, OH
Feb 24 – James “Super Skate Repairman”, Skate 22, Branchbrook Park, NJ
Feb 25 - Traci "Muva" Wheeler, Trenton, NJ
Feb 27 – Sheryl Wiggs, DC/MD
Feb 27 - Delores Williams-Bentley
Feb 27 - T. Tims, Dayton, OH
Feb 28 – Kobie James, Chicago, IL
Feb 28 - Crash Dummy, Cleveland, OH

Mar 1 - Deondra "D-Truth" Arline, JB Inc. Skate Crew, Little Rock, AR
Mar 3 - Isi aka Sxy Blk, Dyme Rollers, Columbus, OH
Mar 3 - Peach Brooks, Skateology, Columbus, OH
Mar 5 – Richard “Skate Boy” Hunter, Jr., Texarkana
Mar 6 - Nicole "Nikki-Boo", 504 Rollerz, New Orleans, LA
Mar 7 - Mike "Diddy" Giles, VA Skate Connection, Petersburg, VA
Mar 11 - Charles Hall, Savannah, GA
Mar 11 - Robin Riz Pryor, Philly, PA
Mar 11 - E. Charlie Marsh aka "Chollywood", GSFE, Akron, OH
Mar 13 - “Diego” Al Littlejohn, San Diego, CA
Mar 13 - Loretta Jones aka "Sweet-N-Low", Bronx, NY
Mar 14 - Robert "Eazzy" Epstine Slowwalkerz Philadelphia, PA
Mar 14 - Emmitt "D-Town" Grant of CCP (Crowd Cutta Productions)
Mar 16 – Dana Dane, Cleveland, OH
Mar 16 – Neicy, Washington, DC
Mar 17 - Dar Gor from Philly Diva's
Mar 18 - Yu'Londa "Rico's Girl" Matthews, Cincinnati bwo Raleigh, NC
Mar 20 – Karen Willis, MD bwo S. Jersey
Mar 20 - Damon "Dash", KCMO
Mar 21 - Pebblez, Ladies of Ruff Rollerz, DC/MD
Mar 21 – Kevin and Kenny Mack, Inner City Rollers, DC/MD
Mar 23 – Edith Ward, Kupkake, Carolina Cruisers
Mar 26 - Glenn Carr, OL' SKooL, Lou, KY
Mar 29 - Xandria "BEIJING" Slay-Watkins
Mar 29 - Kenny “Stepquick” Eaddy, Solid Gold Skaters, Columbus, OH
Mar 30 – Zena Ray, aka Zee, Camden, NJ
Mar 31 - April Lassiter, Sophisticated Lady, Skatemasters USA, KC, Kansas
Mar 31 – Darryl Meadows, Pittsburgh Steel City Rollers¸ Pittsburgh, PA
Mar 31 – Steve McGee, Columbus Pearlers, Columbus, OH

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